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Boise come Oregon coast for 3 nights suggestions? (Paul, Hope: rentals, condos)
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We"re plan to rent a location via VBRO in or near Newport for 3 nights in late Sept/early October.This would basically be for peace and also quiet by the coast. We"ll chef our very own food as restaurantsare too noisy for our daughter because of severe tinnitus. Various other than the Aquarium, haven"t lookedinto any type of attractions or sightseeing. Tentative arrangement would be to drive right from Boise to Newport top top Hwy 26 v John Day. Thespeed limit is reduced from 65mph to 55mph west of man Day. Hwy 20 v Burns is 65mphto Bend. Any preferences for 26 or 20?That said, where do most folks native Boise and also the Treasure valley stay as soon as they walk on OregonCoast vacations?We"ve never been top top the shore btw Brookings and also Port Angeles. Cheers!-=G

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Don"t miss out on the Evergreen Aviation and an are Museum in McMinnville. Also if you"re not interested in aviation, the is an impressive place, and the size of the Spruce Goose will blow friend away!Newport has actually an art gallery and glass blow studio, The Edge. Ns haven"t to be there, yet it looks choose fun.We"ve unable to do from bending to man Day ~ above 26 (then up 395), and we"ve invested the night in john Day. That was a beautiful drive. We"ve likewise gone indigenous Riley v Burns to Ontario ~ above 20 (and increase 95, ~ above our way to north Idaho), and it is much much more deserty, yet beautiful in its own way. Can"t sweet in top top what 20 looks favor west of Riley, or what 26 look at like eastern of man Day! Sorry.We stayed in Tillamook once and went to the nearest beach; a gorgeous item of nature, yet we to be taken aback at all the signs! Don"t choose firewood, don"t irradiate fires, don"t annoy the driftwood, no dogs, no swimming between x and also y hours, no yelling, no running, no talking, no scratching (now I may be exaggerating a little
), yet you get the idea. Several rules!We prefer to visit Oregon ~ above our way from SoCal to and from our place in north Idaho. Beautiful scenery, but, well, lots of rules!