How to gain to sunlight Valley, Idaho

Sun valley is admired because that it’s authentic, off-the-beaten-path vibe. While getting to sunlight Valley is part of the adventure, brand-new nonstop flights have made it easier than ever before to visit this small corner the winter paradise. Fly to Hailey’s Friedman Memorial airplane fromseven major cities, or soil a bit more out and also take the beautiful drive to sunlight Valley. One of two people way, fine be wait to welcome you.

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Nonstop Flights to Friedman Memorial Airport

Friedman Memorial plane in Hailey is sun Valley’s closest airport roughly 20minutes far from lifts. Amorning arrival will leave you enough time for a couple of laps ~ above the mountain and also an aprèsbeer at Apple’s. Friedman’s airplane code, SUN, is a teaser that the blue skies you’re top to.

Nonstop flights to sun Valley are obtainable from the adhering to destinations:

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Connecting Flights to Friedman Memorial Airport

Don’t live close to one that the major cities with direct flights? never fear. All those direct flights mean less time connecting in the airplane and much more time basking in the winter sun. Major connection point out on most airlines space through Salt Lake City and also Denver. Link Tip: if you uncover yourself in Salt Lake City through time come spare, head to the E Terminal. Despite you won’t uncover your leave gate here, High West Distillery is worth the walk. Sip a flight of whiskey in the saloon-inspired restaurant. Watch the moment though, and don’t let her whiskey flight cause you to miss out on your actual flight to sunlight Valley.


Landing in ~ Friedman Memorial Airport

If your camera is at the bottom of your carry on, destruction it out before your flight begins its descent. Sun Valley is surrounding by 5 mountain ranges, and also you’ll get a bird’s eye see of most of lock while landing. The panoramic see is the very first of plenty of welcomes to this mountain town. Keep your camera handy together planes disembark directly onto the tarmac through a an excellent view of the Hailey foothills. Choose up overlapping carry-on bags prior to heading inside, then stand by the warmth of the fireplace until your checked luggage is unloaded.


New Flight approach Procedures

A brand-new proprietary flight strategy procedure is currently in use. This enables flights toland through much reduced ceiling and visibility than allowed by SUN’s past strategy procedures.Alaska Airlines has actually used comparable technology in ~ SUN because 2016 and also has seen a dramatic drop in their variety of weather-related trip diversions.However, the is essential to remember, this walk not mean SUN is immune indigenous weather-related diversions, however it has“saved” 38 flightsin its first two month of operation.

Getting Around

There room plenty of ways to acquire from Friedman Memorial airport to her lodgings, and also around town as soon as you’ve cleared up in.

Shuttles: many resorts – consisting of Sun valley Resort, Les Saisons and Knob Hill – market shuttle service from the airport and around town. Bookings are nearly always required. Callin development to species airport shuttle service.Taxis: obtainable in a minimal quantity at the airport and also around town. Setup ahead here if you uncover yourself utilizing this mode of transportation.

Once you arrive in Ketchum or sunlight Valley the best means to get around is through foot or bus. Most whatever is walking distance on sidewalk or groomed bicycle path. For those who prefer to ride, mountain Rides provides cost-free bus service throughout Ketchum and Sun Valley. Buses room equipped for skis, snowboards, and bikes. Schedules are posted at every stop and online. Taxis deserve to be ratherhit or miss in town.


An alternating Path: Flying right into Boise or Salt Lake City

Sun Valley’s closest significant airports are Boise (BOI) and also Salt Lake City (SLC). Situated 2.5 hrs west of sun Valley, the drive from Boise the cross over the Bennett Hills and through the Camas Prairie before turning north right into the mountains. The Boise Airport solutions all significant car rental companies. Once behind the wheel friend have few route choices. For the shortest drive time – and also the ideal scenery – take route 20 indigenous Mountain house to the junction that Highway 75. Come make sure white-knuckling a mountain road spanned in snow and ice no on her vacation itinerary, inspect Idaho’s 511 Traveler info for road conditions during the winter months. If course 20 is snow spanned or icy take Highway 84 eastern to course 26 climate head phibìc at Shoshone on 75. Better yet, let someone else perform the driving. Book passage on the sunlight Valley Express in between Boise and Sun sink ($85 each way). Bookings are required. The journey from Salt Lake City is 4.5 hours in an excellent weather. The route is mainly highway, through two low hill passes in between Tremonton and Snowville, Utah. Roads deserve to be snow covered and icy, so examine conditions before leaving Salt Lake.


See all the take trip Options

To give you an idea of every the means to obtain to sun Valley, examine out a site speak to Plug in your originating city and also the stie will supply all the best routing alternatives ranked by travel times. It’s a an excellent resource to view a range of scenarios for gaining to the untouched path.

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