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View a map through driving directionsusing your preferred map provider:Google Maps,Bing Maps, orMapQuest. You deserve to use to gain the fulldriving distance from Seattle to Los Angeles with directions.

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Driving distance from Seattle, WA come Los Angeles, CA

The total driving street from Seattle, WA come Los Angeles, CA is 1,135 miles or 1 827 kilometers.

Your trip starts in Seattle, Washington. It ends in Los Angeles, California.

If you room planning a road trip,you might likewise want to calculation the total control time indigenous Seattle, WA to Los Angeles, CAso you can see when you"ll come at her destination.

You can likewise calculate the cost the driving native Seattle, WA to Los Angeles, CA based on currentlocal fuel prices and an estimate of her car"s finest gas mileage.

Since this is a lengthy drive, you might want to prevent halfway and stay overnight in a hotel. You can uncover the city that is halfway in between Seattle, WA and also Los Angeles, CA.

Planning to paris a aircraft instead?You can be more interested in calculating the straight linedistance to fly native Seattle, WA come Los Angeles, CA.

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Your journey from Seattle come Los Angeles have the right to be merged with the scenic course along the Pacific coast Highway from Monterey come Los Angeles. This will enable you to reap breathtaking see of the California coast. If in Monterey, visit the Monterey bay Aquarium and Carmel-by-the-Sea, a quaint town just exterior Monterey poll as one of the many romantic urban in the people by travel and leisure Magazine. Take the 17-Mile journey to Del Monte Forest, Pebble Beach and also through beautiful homes, shops and golf courses.Stop at big Sur to gain the beautiful sunset and also panoramic watch of the Pacific Ocean. You’ll hear the sound that wind and also crashing waves numerous feet below. One more must avoid is the Hearst castle in mountain Simeon. Hearst Castle has actually 165 rooms and also 127 acres of gardens, pools, terraces and also walkways. Hearst castle represents among America’s most famed castles.San Simeon is a tiny town with several outdoor tasks such as hiking, biking and camping. It is home to 17,000 elephant seals.