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These are approximate driving ranges in a radius native Lebanon, Oregon. Search for vacation spots within driving street for a day trip or weekend getaway. Over there are numerous towns in ~ the total area, therefore if you"re trying to find closer places, try a smaller radius. If you"re willing to journey farther, shot 110 miles.

Please note that these cities are closest come your specified radius that 60 miles. You have the right to switch come the biggest cities in ~ 60 miles (even if they space closer), or search for places to eat. Not sure where come go? take a day pilgrimage from Lebanon, or explore various routes for trips indigenous Lebanon. Looking for little towns or communities around Lebanon, Oregon? get a full list that cities near Lebanon.

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59 mile north the Lebanon, OR:

Clackamette RV Park

60 mile northeast the Lebanon, OR:

Lake Harriet Campground

60 miles eastern of Lebanon, OR:

Triangle Lake Equestrian Campground

60 miles southeast that Lebanon, OR:

Box Canyon horse Campground

Salmon Creek falls Campground

60 miles southern of Lebanon, OR:

Sharps Creek Campground

60 mile west the Lebanon, OR:

Tillicum coast Campground

Martins Trailer Harbor

Fogarty Creek RV Park

Holiday Hills Trailer Resort

Sea and Sand RV Park

60 miles northwest the Lebanon, OR:

Rocky Bend group Campground

Elk bending Campground

Fan Creek Campground

Alder glen Campground

59 mile north of Lebanon, OR:

McLoughlin House

Bald height State Scenic Viewpoint

59 miles northeast that Lebanon, OR:

Milo McIver State Park

60 miles west of Lebanon, OR:

Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint

Yachats ocean Road State herbal Site

Yachats State Park

Beachside State Park

Governor Patterson Memorial State Recreation Site

Seal absent State Recreation Site

Beverly beach State Park

Devils Punch key State Park

Otter crest State Scenic Viewpoint

Depoe bay State Park

Boiler just State Scenic Viewpoint

Fogarty Creek State Recreation Area

More cities around 60 miles away

Here are an ext cities basedon a trip circle radius of 60 miles. The driving distance may be various from the directly line flight distance.

57 miles: Oregon City, OR

58 miles: Tualatin, OR

57 miles: Newport, OR

57 miles: Sherwood, OR

53 miles: Wilsonville, OR

53 miles: Newberg, OR

51 miles: Canby, OR

42 miles: Woodburn, OR

32 miles: Keizer, OR

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Travel time from Lebanon, OR

cities in ~ 1 hour that Lebanon, OR1½ hours from Lebanon, ORplaces in ~ 2 hours of me in Lebanon, ORexplore 2½ hrs from Lebanon, OR3 hr radius map from Lebanon, OR3½ hr journey from Lebanon, ORplaces within 4 hours of me in Lebanon, ORwithin 4½ hrs of me in Lebanon, OR5 hour drive from me in Lebanon, OR5½ hour journey from Lebanon, ORwithin 6 hrs of Lebanon, OR7 hour journey from Lebanon, ORdriving 8 hrs from Lebanon, OR9 hours from Lebanon, OR

Distance indigenous Lebanon, OR

cities within 10 mile of me in Lebanon, ORwithin 20 miles of me in Lebanon, OR30 mile radius of Lebanon, OR40 mile drive from Lebanon, ORlocated 50 mile from Lebanon, OR100 mile radius native Lebanon, ORwithin 150 miles of Lebanon, OR200 mile road expedition from Lebanon, ORdistance of 250 mile from Lebanon, ORdriving 300 miles from Lebanon, OR350 mile trip starting from Lebanon, OR400 mile drive from Lebanon, ORdrive because that 450 miles from Lebanon, OR500 mile from Lebanon, ORday trips indigenous Lebanon, OR