Overview:Link Alaska’s two largest cities with each other in this 360-mile road expedition from Fairbanks to Anchorage, with stops in Denali nationwide Park, Talkeetna and Eklutna follow me the way. Girlfriend can likewise follow this itinerary via passenger train, minus the avoid in Eklutna.

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Day 1 FairbanksAfter showing up in Fairbanks, rental a car or RV and tour few of the city’s greatest sights. Don’t miss the university of Alaska Museum of the North, one of the top 10 visitor attractions in the whole state. You can also see musk oxen and also reindeer ~ above a tourism of the University’s large Animal research study Station.

Day 2 Fairbanks to DenaliStart the morning through a riverboat cruise along the Chena or Tanana Rivers, complied with by lunch on the deck at a riverside restaurant. In the afternoon, shot your hand at panning because that gold, then stop for a close-up check out of the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline ~ above the Steese Highway. From there, end your day v a scenic, two-hour drive southern to Denali national Park, house to north America’s tallest peak. Check in to your lodgings and also spend the night.

Day 3 DenaliWake up beforehand for a shuttle or tour bus ride follow me the 92-mile road into Denali nationwide Park; buses room the only vehicles allowed on many of the road. The complete round trip deserve to take 12 hours, but shorter routes are available. Follow me the way, you’ll watch untouched wilderness landscapes, incredible wildlife, and maybe also get a peek at Denali itself, if the mountain is not covert behind clouds that its very own making. Once the tour is over, do your means back to your hotel because that the night.

Day 4 DenaliThere is no other place like Denali, so stick roughly for an additional day of wilderness adventures. Popular options include whitewater rafting, off-road excursions, horseback follow rides, tourism of the national Park service sled dog kennels, and also day hikes on trails close to the park entrance. Stick around for one of the evening entertainment or educational programs, then invest one more night in your hotel.


Day 5 Denali to TalkeetnaHit the roadway again because that a three-hour drive south to Talkeetna. If you no lucky sufficient to see Denali the hill while in Denali national Park, you might have far better luck here: The road right into Talkeetna offers some that the finest viewpoints for seeing the hill when the “out.” once you make it come Talkeetna, take it a scenic tour—fishing trips, rafting, ATV tours and also jet watercraft excursions are all popular—and then spend the evening trying out the wonderful, locally owned gift shops and also art galleries on main Street prior to you revolve in because that the night.

Day 6 Talkeetna come Eklutna to AnchorageEnjoy two much more hours of scenic driving on the way south to Eklutna historic Park. Here, you deserve to tour a Russian Orthodox church that dates from the 1800s and also see brightly painted “spirit houses,” refuges created for the souls that those who’ve happen on. An additional half-hour of control will get you to the coast of beautiful blue-green Eklutna Lake, wherein you deserve to enjoy the the end adventure of your choice: walk kayaking, rental a bike to ride the lakeside trail, or hike one of the adjacent trails. Once you’re ready to move on, Anchorage is simply an hour’s journey away. Reap a fine seafood dinner at one of the regional restaurants before you turn in because that the night.

Day 7 AnchorageEntertainment and adventure choices abound in Anchorage, Alaska’s biggest city. Invest your critical day in Alaska touring local attractions prefer the Alaska indigenous Heritage Center and the Anchorage Museum in ~ Rasmuson Center, publication a job cruise indigenous a adjacent port town, take a scenic day expedition on among the Alaska railroad passenger trains, or fish for salmon best in the middle of downtown Anchorage.

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Another choice

If you’re ready for a break from long-distance driving, you can follow this itinerary using the Alaska Railroad’s passenger trains, minus the protect against in Eklutna.