Artwork because that print should be a resolution of at least 300 pixels every inch.

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All paper print items require a bleed of 1/8" (approx 3mm) unless noted. Always leave a security margin of 1/8" indigenous the leaf of the document to crucial text or visuals - otherwise there is a risk of it getting cut off. It doesn"t really issue if you supply RGB or CMYK files for short-run work of under 500... Yet it is not possible to publish all RGB colours on a CMYK printer. Use the Photoshop Gamut warning and also proofing features to anticipate color changes.

Note for Photoshop users: as soon as you income a PDF

choose Crop to: Bleed Box


Make certain your resolution is set to 300 pixels per inch

Place her artwork in a different layer

our J-Cards are published full-bleed, then cut, scored and folded.

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A J-card is shaped like a J through a front, spine, and earlier flap. Some people have been calling this a "3 dashboard J-Card".

We use the terms J plus X panels. A JP0 is a J-card. JP1 is a J-card plus one added panel. A JP5 is a J-card with five additional panels.


Our J-Cards space printed complete bleed, climate creased and folded so the spine sits level in the case.

What is full bleed printing?

This means your want your artwork to extend to the leaf of the trimmed page, so friend must encompass a bleed in her artwork expanding past the trim lines. If you don"t encompass a bleed, 2 of the four edges will have actually an amateur-looking white margin after cutting. Also, if girlfriend put necessary words or art too close come the trim line, it might get reduced off, therefore you must use a safety margin of 1/8" or 3mm.


Cassette order should include text the reads "Made in Canada" or "Manufactured in Canada" top top the J-card artwork in order to safely cross the border. The country of origin must be claimed on the artwork otherwise you operation the threat of the parcel being organized at the border or returned to the manufacturer.

To stop delays or art modification fees, include bleed.

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If utilizing PDF templates, send 2 files: one with design template lines showing, and one without.