Difference between Theodolite and also Total station?

Theodolite and Total Station are land surveying tools used to get information around the plot under factor to consider for construction (buildings, bridges, roads, highways, dams, etc.)


A theodolite is basically a telescope with both a vertical and also horizontal axis. The angle of every axis can be measure up with reasonably accurate precision as lengthy as the operator knows just how to use the theodolite and also knows simple trigonometry. A theodolite needs two world to measure and also align the angles.

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A Theodolite specialises in angle measurements ( horizontal and vertical ) come the precision of level ( brand-new ones can exactly measure angles in seconds, 1/3600th that a degree ). Usually, it is composed of a telescope placed on 2 rotating disks or dials ( significant with degrees from 0 come 360 ). The telescope deserve to be rotated horizontally as well as vertically because that angle measurements.


Total station on the various other hand, is a polytheistic surveying instrument based on electronic distance measurement (EDM). They have the right to measure distance, angles, elevations with a high level the precision. The data collected by a full station have the right to be transferred with a USB port right into the computer system where it have the right to be viewed and analysed easily.

Do you know exactly how temporarly or permanently adjusts a theodolite?

Theodolites have the right to only measure angles, have actually a minimum variety of about less 보다 a kilometer and also are less an accurate when compared to full station, additionally less expensive than complete station. Recently we have digital theodolites which are an upgrade over the regular theodolite.

Total station on the various other hand have the right to measure different data rather than just angles. They have actually a minimum selection of around 1 km and are an extremely precise. They are for this reason obviously high-quality when contrasted to theodolites.

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A full station incorporates a theodolites features into it’s programming, measure up angles and also using an digital distance meter. Complete stations are usually remarkable to theodolites provided their digital integration and an ext consistent precision.

They additionally can be purchased through a robotic ability, the reduces the variety of operators needed, to one. Total stations (both robotic and also non-robotic) are more expensive 보다 theodolites, commonly much much more so, and requiring more training to use. These space the difference in between theodolite and also total station.