The main difference in between Shakespearean Comedy and Tragedy is the Shakespearean comedies end in marriages or reunion, but Shakespearean tragedies usually end in the death of the tragic hero.

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Shakespeare’s plays have actually been basically categorized right into three main categories together comedies, histories, and tragedies. However, it is sometimes complicated to identify the genre or of some plays, together they show aspects of several categories. Literature scholars have identified several common qualities for comedies as well as tragedies so that they can be established correctly.

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What is shak spa Comedy

Shakespearean comedies have the right to be identified as theatre of shakespearean plays that end with a union or marriage. In act, shak spa comedies are not ‘comedies’ in the modern sense that the world. Plots and characters the the play are rarely comic or laugh-out-loud funny. In addition, not everything that wake up in castle is happy or light-hearted.

Shakespearean Plays typically Classified together Comedies

As You favor ItA Midsummer Night’s DreamAll’s Well the Ends WellThe Taming the the ShrewThe merry Wives that WindsorMuch Ado around NothingThe 2 Gentlemen that VeronaThe Comedy the ErrorsCymbelineLove’s Labour’s LostMeasure for MeasureThe merchant of VenicePericles, Prince of TyreTroilus and CressidaTwelfth NightThe 2 Noble KinsmenThe Winter’s Tale

Figure 1: A step from the Taming the the Shrew

Main characteristics of shak spa Comedies

Literature scholar have identified several common characteristics in shakespearean comedies. These include:

Love and Marriage – The themes the love and also marriage and separation and reconciliation are influential in Shakespeare’s comedies. Practically all this comedies end marriage, or at least a betrothal.

Mistaken Identity and Misconception – personalities disguise themselves or impersonate others, or they space mistaken because that someone else, creating a comic effect.

Complex Plots – When compared to shakespearean tragedies and histories, comedies have much more twists and turns, making the plot facility and unpredictable.

Furthermore, the language in Shakespeare’s comedies offers clever word plays, metaphors and also insults. Another notable function in these comedies is their setting. Most of these comedies have idyllic setups such together the mysterious island the Illyria (Twelfth Night) or the woodland of Arden (As You prefer It).

What is shakespearean Tragedy

Shakespeare is perhaps much more famous because that his tragedies. Tragedies choose Romeo and also Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth and Othello room well-known almost everywhere the world. Moreover, scholar have figured out several common features in shak spa tragedies. All these plays have actually a protagonist through a catastrophic flaw, which leader to his downfall. Also, this protagonist is frequently a nobleman, with great power and also wealth. The tragic hero encounters both internal and external struggles in the play. Back the ton of the plays is quite serious, you’ll discover some passages or personalities that act as comic relief.


Figure 2: A step from Othello

You’ll find one or an ext of the following elements in shak spa tragedies:

Elements in a shakespearean Tragedies

A tragic heroA dichotomy of great and evilIssues the fate or fortuneGreedFoul revengeSupernatural elements

Shakespearean Plays typically Classified as Tragedies

Titus Andronicus Romeo and also Juliet Julius Caesar HamletTroilus and CressidaOthelloKing Lear Macbeth Antony and also Cleopatra Coriolanus

Difference in between Shakespearean Comedy and Tragedy


Shakespearean comedies space plays that Shakespeare that finish in marital relationships or reunions, but Shakespearean tragedies room plays that Shakespeare that usually finish in the fatality of the disastrous hero.


Comedies usually have a happy ending, however tragedies have actually a sad ending.


Shakespearean comedies have tendency to focus an ext on cases than characters, while shak spa tragedies often tend to focus an ext characters.


Shakespearean comedies have the right to involve common-born or middle-class key characters, while tragedies largely involve personalities from the nobility.


The design template of love and also marriage, facility plot, mistake identities or misconceptions, clever wordplay are some facets of shak spa tragedies, if tragic heroes, a dichotomy of good and evil, hamartia, issues of fate or fortune, foul revenge, superordinary elements, and catharsis space some elements in shakespearean tragedies.


The key difference between Shakespearean Comedy and Tragedy is the Shakespearean comedies finish in marriages or reunion whereas shakespearean tragedies usually finish in the fatality of the tragic hero. The design template of love and marriage, complex plot, mistake identities or misconceptions, clever wordplay space some aspects of shak spa tragedies, when tragic heroes, a dichotomy of good and evil, hamartia, worries of fate or fortune, foul revenge, mythological elements, and catharsis are some facets in shakespearean tragedies.

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