You may have actually noticed that the line between the common understanding of a press release and a media pitch has become rather blurred. This is understandable offered today’s manic media see and fundamental shifts in the method PR pros connect with media contacts however some straightforward distinctions remain.

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Some the the previously sharp edge separating push releases and media pitches have actually melted and combined a bit, yet we think a reminder of where one ends and the other begins is in order. A an excellent understanding of their similarities and also differences deserve to be useful in fine tuning your own media strategy.

Before us take a closer watch at exactly how they’re different however complement every other, let’s start with a quick review the the various boxes that push releases and also media pitches should tick.

What is a press release?

A push release is the written announcement of some newsworthy occasion in a company or organization. Typically, its purpose is to gain interest indigenous media that will rebroadcast and magnify the message to a huge audience.

The reservation is appropriate there in the name—press release. That’s that it’s for and that’s that you want to obtain interest from. An efficient press release is not only well written, but it provides all the context and also information needed for a journalist to create informed, helpful content for readers.

By “well-written”, we’re not just talking around spelling & grammar here, although it goes without saying the both need to be perfect. We likewise mean that some mindful thought and also strategy have actually to go into a push release’s content and construction. An reliable press relax will:

Quickly and clearly communicate its major message at a glance. No journalist is walk to invest time analysis through an arrival or lengthy history. The allude of everything you’re announcing must be apparent right native the start. The who-what-when-where mentality applies here so stick through the basics.Place the notice in the context of a narrative. Ok, therefore your company has a cool new product but so what? Oh, wait, sales in this ar are up by how much this year? and your sector share has increased through what? and what renowned names space endorsing your brand-new product release? currently your announcement is much more interesting. Phone call the story roughly your news that readers will discover compelling. Do it straightforward for journalists to check out why they must get more interested in what you have to share.Include links to other materials, quotes, stats and also complete call information. so what if you execute spark attention in a journalist? What are they an alleged to do? To store them concentrated on you and your message, include accessibility to the type of background details that can assist to provide context and also flesh the end the meaning of your blog post with their readers. Keeping them on your push release means keeping them thinking about the story they deserve to write about you.

Press release Example

To show the minimal focus and purpose the a press release, let’s say that firm X is soon presenting Product Y, i m sorry is so remarkable that the human being needs to know about it. Their push release can start favor this:

Company X to release brand-new Product Y

Company X, an imaginative market leader in the design and production of amazing things, announced today that their brand-new Product Y will be obtainable on January 1 at stores everywhere. Following the success of the previous version of Product Y, exit a year ago, this year edition brings new features and also an even greater level that amazing-ness.

You could not check out a press release with this precise language yet you get the idea. It would certainly then walk on to incorporate a quote from someone in company X, along with things choose a in-depth explanation the what renders Product Y for this reason amazing, what that marketing project might look at like, what reviewers are saying, etc.

The push release would more than likely use bullet points to do it much more quicky readable and also highlight the most important aspects of the launch. It would certainly conclude through a “If you’d choose to discover more…” invitation along with contact details for your PR people.

The allude is that the push release is focused on the occasion that agency X to trust is worthy the media coverage.

Here’s a real instance of a new product push release native Cadbury that was made utilizing

What is a media pitch?

A media pitch is an outreach to journalists v the goal of acquiring them to use your push release as the basis for media coverage.

Whereas push releases define what happened, media pitches define why it’s important and also deserving the attention.

An efficient media key will:

Be concise and direct. As with the push release she sharing, your pitch can waste no time in obtaining to the point. Again, this is done for the benefit of journalists by simple the article you’re sharing and also quickly explaining why it’s pertinent to them. Remember—before you can share deeper, much more detailed info you have to pass the “Should I invest my time on this?” test.

Media key Example

Let’s continue to be with the same fictional firm X and their remarkable Product Y from before. Now, in your media pitch, the focus is on directing journalists to their press release. Their email to journalists will look something like this:

Media pitch example seen in’s pitching tool

You can see that part points are obtained from the press release to provide a odor of what the huge news is all about but the media pitch has a fundamentally different purpose 보다 the push release.

The suggest of the media key is to communicate journalists at your points of contact, normally email, and get castle interested in the complete version of her message, i beg your pardon is comprehensive in a push release.

What is the difference in between them?

Strictly speaking, a press release is what you’re questioning someone to take a look at in her media pitch. One directs come the other. The push release is the message, the pitch is an effort at persuading someone the the message is other they and their readers will certainly be interested in.

The confusion between them arises due to the fact that there is some crossover and also some aspects can be existing in both a press release and also a media pitch.

Your pitch will refer to information in your press release. The underlying design template of a press release is the whoever approve it think it’s a great topic for press coverage, i m sorry is the same article as your pitch. Lock two components of the same overall effort to get media coverage and that’s why they often perceived together being the exact same thing.

It’s hard to explain one there is no referring come the other.

If it help to think the media pitches and press releases as two halves of a whole, that’s fine. Just remember that while there might be similarities whereby one takes over from the other, they quiet have different purposes, constructions, and strategies.

And speak of press releases vs media pitches…

While we’re ~ above the subject, let us finish with a couple of words ~ above a topic regarded using push releases and also media pitches. It’s a inquiry that’s regularly asked by those who don’t recognize lot of a difference between them:

Should her media pitch encompass your press release?

It depends on what you mean by “include”. If you average as an attachment to her pitch email, the prize is absolutely not. There are a few reasons because that this:

It’s difficult enough to get journalists to open up your mail—asking castle to then download something is copy your opportunities of rejection.Downloading is not only an extra step, it comes through concerns around viruses and also computer safety.Using attachments ~ above a media pitch email can trigger spam filter that store a cautious eye on messages that already have a “salesy” tone or topic line. The visibility of one attachment deserve to be enough to straight your mail far from inboxes and into spam folders, where it will never see the irradiate of day.

It’s true the you might paste the content of your press release right into your media pitch, successfully merging them into the same message, but this gift its own problems:

Different email service providers offer varying degrees of assistance for specific graphic elements and will render the contents of the push release in various ways. Unless you’ve gained a team of agree coders dedicated to solve the needs of a long list of email clients, the push release will not display screen in the same way to everyone.Pasting the content of the push release right into the mail will significantly increase the email’s “weight” as measured in megabytes. This consequently is a red flag because that the spam filter mentioned above and boosts your chances of gift redirected away from inboxes.By simply consisting of your press release inside her pitch email, you’re diluting the strength of both that them. Her pitch becomes weaker due to the fact that it’s just decreased to “read everything below”. Covering the highlights that the press release appears odd as soon as the full version is just additional down the page. Your press release is probably shorter than it could be in order to satisfy attention spans and the technical limitations described above.

But yes sir a much better way. It is currently easy to encompass your press release in a media pitch email in the form of a attach to your push release located on a completely branded digital newsroom.

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Using this option for sharing your push releases has actually a couple of advantages:

It just looks more professional. The difference in between “just click here” and “download file” is the difference between today and also fifteen years ago.Directing journalists to an online version of your push release allows you come make enhancements and corrections (yes, the happens) after friend send your initial mail.Having a press release virtual supports your SEO strategy and can aid in page positioning in find results.