Celebrity infant news is coming hot and heavy this days. John Mulaney announced earlier this week that he was having a baby v Olivia Munn, and also Jennifer Lawrence also announced that she was pregnant through her an initial child. Now, part fans space speculating the Shailene Woodley might be the recent actress who is expecting. Speculation very first ramped up after she post a nice mysterious photo to she Instagram Story.

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Fans started to speculate the the Big little Lies actress was pregnant ~ she posted a black and also white photo of baby feet to she Instagram Story on Sept. 8. The article didn't have any kind of caption, however that didn't prevent fans from filling in the blanks.

“IS SHE A MOM? IS the A random BABY? who IS THAT? did SHAILENE WOODLEY had actually A BABY and NO ONE KNEW? I require SOME information HERE,” one person wrote ~ above Twitter.


“The inquiry is why did shailene randomly article a pic of baby feet without any kind of context whatsoever," one more fan added.

"Shailene Woodley simply posted a picture of baby feet and also I’m simply waiting for news come drop the Aaron Rodgers has actually a baby young that will flourish up to it is in our franchise QB," a green Bay Packers fan added.

The news of Shailene's pregnancy has actually yet to be shown or denied definitively, however she is involved to Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback because that the green Bay Packers. Through the NFL season around to acquire underway, Aaron recently offered an interview in which he suggested that the street that will certainly come through his season will certainly be an excellent for their relationship. Aaron will be safety his time in Wisconsin, if Shailene is based the end of Los Angeles.

“It’s a busy occupational time because that her, so most likely came in ~ a an excellent time for both of us to have the ability to focus on our work,” Aaron said throughout an interview through Haute Living. “I think it’s going to it is in a an excellent thing. Ns mean, her job-related was shut down for an entire year, and she’s booked a number of projects. She enjoys working and her own routine, which ns obviously enjoy, too.”

It's entirely possible that Shailene is pregnant and the couple has decided against announcing the news definitively. Shailene and Aaron didn't also confirm they were in a partnership until they announced that they were involved in February of this year.

“The reaction come it was yes, really a lot, and so we were like, ‘Let’s just politely decline because that a small while and live in our small bubble,’” the actress explained during one interview in July.

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Regardless of whether she's pregnant or not, though, it appears clear that her connection with Aaron stays solid. They might be be separate by work for now, but neither one of them has argued that they won't eventually reunite.

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