New Boyz was all the rave at the begin of the decade. (Photo: fanart.tv)

OK, BUZZ fam. We’re about to carry you means back to less complicated times, when skinny jeans just came ~ above the scene, neon colours to be the trend, and if friend didn’t have actually an oversized snapback on, you to be a ‘lame’.

Yeah, that’s right. We’re throwing it every the method back to the beginning of the decade, as soon as artistes to be coming out through hit after ~ hit and also dance moves to be in abundance. We’re talking around ‘Gangnam Style’, ‘Harlem Shake’ and the notorious ‘Jerkin’. Previous hip hop group brand-new Boyz to be fresh top top the scene, and also they had everybody “jerkin”.

Man, earlier then, all you essential to perform to be taken into consideration a dancer to be the ‘pin drop’. Instant RATINGS!

But for real though BUZZ fam, what happened to new Boyz?

At one allude there were rumours the Ben J was shot and also killed, and also then it was claimed that heritage died. Shortly after that, us heard that they both died. It to be a mess!

So, we’re gonna set therecord straight.

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New Boyz had actually the hip hop game wrapped roughly their finger in the beginning of the decade with their smash hit You’re A Jerk from their debut album Skinny Jeans and A Mic. Lock were all the rave in the US, and also it didn’t take long for the rest of the world to record on. They adhered to with Tie Me Down, a collab with Ray J, dismissing the idea of the duo gift a one-hit-wonder.

Skinny Jeanz and A Mic was a major album for brand-new Boyz.

Now, their 2nd albumwas released in 2011 and was referred to as Too Cool to Care. and to it is in honest, theycouldn’t have discovered a far better name because that themselves due to the fact that to be quite frank,they were specifically that. They to be charting top top Billboard and doing songs withbig surname Charlie Wilson, large Sean and even kris Brown.

But after that… they justfaded into the background.

Hip hop ushered in a newera, and also it appears as if castle were simultaneously ushered out.

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It to be announced thatthey were trying to do a come back and that they were releasing a 3rd album,but the didn’t happen. Eventually, they walk their separate ways.

So, where space they now?

Ben J had a near-death suffer some year ago.

Well, contradictory to a lotof tabloids, blogs and fake news, they did no die. However, the the next thingto that rumour was the Ben J did encounter a near-death experience, together he to be almostkilled in a drug deal gone bad.

That, however, didn’t avoid Ben J from continuing to go after a solo career. His latest single is called Juice Juice, and also it can be streamed ~ above Soundcloud. The can also be found on Instagram

But what about Legacy?


Like Ben J, legacy is still doing music.

Our homie, Legacy, is likewise doing music. He has actually recent releases choose Area 51 and Lately featuring Doja Cat. Both songs deserve to be found on Soundcloud. Friend can also catch increase with heritage on Instagram