Mike Tyson was rumored to walk up versus a long list of large names when he first announced his comeback critical year. Although he ended up dealing with Roy Jones Jr., number of fantasy matchups had allured the combat community before ‘Captain Hook’ bagged the last deal. Renowned MMA fighter Bob Sapp appeared to be one of the countless viable enemies for Mike Tyson because that a brief duration back in the day.

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Following a victory at K-1 in 2003, Sapp had publicly called out Tyson that was live in attendance. If the potential matchup grabbed a most attention, that didn’t involved fruition. Now, Mike Tyson has revealed exactly why that didn’t finish up facing Sapp.

The Time Bob Sapp and also Mike Tyson practically had a fight because Bob Sapp dubbed out Tyson after his K1 fight v Kimo. My Favorite part is Mike Tyson speak " We deserve to do the tonight" #Boxing #ufc #k1 #mma #miketyson pic.twitter.com/5dBOBbfJ1U

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Speaking top top his HotBoxin podcast, Mike Tyson said, “I don’t know, due to the fact that so many human being used come ask and so many world wanted prefer this.”

“They placed out who you desire Mike to fight? and they. Roy to be one, Holyfield to be one, Lennox to be one.”

However, the fight could have happened earlier in 2003 once Tyson was still active. He battled for the next two years prior to calling it a day. It to be clear that the heavyweight boxer had actually passed his prime by then. However, his particularly stardom could have staged a mega-fight with Bob Sapp, which ultimately never happened.


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Seventeen years later, Tyson returned and also amused number of veteran battle aircraft again. Starting from active pugilists prefer Tyson fury to number of UFC fighters, many people expressed their desire to compete against ‘Iron’. However none of them might bag the deal. Akin come Sapp, Roy Jones Jr. Was also looked at as a potential enemy for ‘The Baddest male on The Planet’, in the so late 90s. So, the topped the race among all.

It’s bizarre to even photo the hit happening in ~ this stage. 55-year-old Tyson had asserted to be fighting again ~ his draw versus Jones Jr. But 47-year-old Sapp can not want that scrap anymore.


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 28: Roy Jones Jr. (L) and Mike Tyson celebrate their break-up draw during Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. Presented by Triller at Staples center on November 28, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty photos for Triller)

While Shannon Briggs, Evander Holyfield, and also several others have taken the opportunity to speak to out Tyson, there has been practically no initiative from Bob Sapp. Meanwhile, Tyson hasn’t guaranteed to appear in activity again. He has only hinted in ~ the possibility. So, it leaves a very narrow window for the Sapp vs Tyson fantasy matchup to involved fruition.

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