I was at one Orthodox wedding top top Saturday. During the homily, the priest debated Jesus" first miracle of transforming water right into wine & just how the Theotokos was instrumental in gaining Him to execute so. Throughout the homily, the made me wonder if perhaps Jesus performed other miracles before His very first Theophany (perhaps just about His mother?) since it seemed like the Theotokos knew He might do other extraordinary because that these people. I was just curious if anyone knew what the church fathers or divine Tradition has to say around this. I have been too lazy come look that up digital myself.Thanks

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There are apocryphal stories (such as in the Protoevangelium that James) in i beg your pardon a younger Jesus performs miracles, such together bringing a dead bird back to life, but, IIRC, those are constantly "private" miracles.Turning water to wine
There are apocryphal story (such together in the Protoevangelium the James) in i beg your pardon a younger Jesus performs miracles, such as bringing a dead bird earlier to life, but, IIRC, those are constantly "private" miracles.Turning water to wine
Correct. Jesus may have performed tons of exclusive miracles before. The biggest of these miracles is His virgin birth, after ~ all!Anyway i think Jesus and also Mary to be both well mindful of Christ"s powers. Jesus perform the wine miracle practically naturally, together if it were a really ordinary thing to carry out for Him... No doubt He had made numerous miracles before! irenaeus quoted an illustration of the Infancy Gospel of Thomas, who is complete with miracles carry out by Jesus in his childhood. Of course these are pseudepigrapha/apocripha and also we can"t referee on that historicity.In Christ, Alex
I was simply curious if everyone knew what the church fathers or holy Tradition has to say around this. I have actually been also lazy come look the up virtual myself.Thanks
My very own feeling is... No. 1: and the 3rd day there was a marital relationship in Cana the Galilee; and the mom of Jesus to be there: 2: and also both Jesus to be called, and his disciples, come the marriage. 3: and when they wanted wine, the mother of Jesus saith depend him, They have actually no wine. 4: Jesus saith depend her, Woman, what have I to perform with thee? mine hour is not yet come
. I believe He perform this very first miracle at the behest of His Mother. Prior to that, His time had actually not yet come. Now, I recognize that there are apocryphal story of exclusive miracles and such, but for me... The Gospel account trumps these.

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Have you males forgotten what occurred when Jesus gone into Egypt together a infant
?But Jesus never carries the end miracles because that His sake during His life time (pretty sure), yet for various other people. I guess Jesus never brought out miracles come *help others* till after He was baptized. Ns think that"s what Jesus to be saying when He stated His time did no come yet.

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