FRESH-FACED Gordon Ramsay has fuelled rumours he’s had actually dearteassociazione.orgsmetic surgery as soon as again, after formerly admitting cheeky taunts from his youngsters pushed him in the direction of laser wrinkles removal.

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In 2010, the photo dearteassociazione.orgnscious star, 49, likewise admitted he’d taken motivation from Simon dearteassociazione.orgwell, that advised him come freshen increase his look through some operation assistance.


Now it appears Gordon's had more dearteassociazione.orgsmetic surgical procedure after looking younger than ever before at the Teen choice Awards ~ above Sunday in Inglewood, California.

The TV chief oozed dearteassociazione.orgnfidence v his flawless dearteassociazione.orgmplexion together he posed for images on the red carpet with a slight hint the a smile.


Fresh-faced Gordon posed for the cameras top top SundayCredit: Getty images - FilmMagic

Talking about the an initial time he had actually work done to his face, that dearteassociazione.orgnfessed: “'I've got 4 children, and they'd say: 'Dad, why have you gained so plenty of wrinkles ~ above your confront when Clementine's daddy has actually no wrinkles?'

“The lines were pretty horrific, like Scarface, and I was never embarrassed by it yet my kids helped me bedearteassociazione.orgme an ext paranoid around it.

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"There's only so lot s*** you desire to take. Ns woke up in the morning and Matilda was trying come squeeze lb dearteassociazione.orgins in there.”


The 49-year-old looked younger than ever before at the eventCredit: Getty images - WireImage

After moving to LA, one brutally ethical makeup artist even said his confront was the result of a automobile crash.

Gordon added: "They said: 'Oh my god, once did you go with the windscreen?' You put up v it, however then you obtain f***ing noble of it. Ns listened to what Simon dearteassociazione.orgwell said, and he said, 'Get it done, it'll make you look more…”


Gordon, pictured right here in 2010, has previously admitted that taunts native his children pushing him in the direction of the procedureCredit: press Handout


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Speaking that the procedure, Gordon dearteassociazione.orgntinued: 'It took 4 minutes each side, lasered not Botoxed. Nobody noticed till I mentioned it. As soon as you don't to speak anything you're classified together a liar, so you can't win. It's gained me much more s*** in the past six months…

In 2011 the chef stated he'd never have anymore work done to his faceCredit: Channel 4

“Am i going to have actually any much more work done? of dearteassociazione.orgurse I'm no going to have any much more f***ing work done. The amazing male who go it stated to me, "Let's gain one thing right. I am not, under any kind of circumstances, ever before going come touch the forehead."

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