Penn State fans of sitcom "The Office" now have something more in common with the show. According to a tweet by Ben Witten, Office character Dwight Schrute is a Nittany Lion and went to college at Penn State Shenango. 

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Witten"s tweet featured a zoomed-in screenshot of Schrute"s resume on the show, where it appears to suggest that the character graduated from a school ending in "Shenango" located in Sharon, Pennsylvania — where Penn State Shenango is located. 
penn_state) February 22, 2018

Schrute is not the only character with ties to Penn State, however. Toby Flenderson of Dunder Mifflon HR is either fan of the University or also an alumnus himself. 

Toby Flenderson of The Office is a Penn State fan. Sounds about right.

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