Penn State pan of sitcom "The Office" now have actually something an ext in usual with the show. According to a tweet by Ben Witten, Office character Dwight Schrute is a Nittany Lion and went to college at penn State Shenango. 

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Witten"s tweet featured a zoomed-in screenshot the Schrute"s resume on the show, where it shows up to imply that the character i graduated from a school ending in "Shenango" located in Sharon, Pennsylvania — whereby Penn State Shenango is located. 
penn_state) February 22, 2018

Schrute is no the just character v ties to penn State, however. Toby Flenderson the Dunder Mifflon HR is either pan of the college or likewise an alumnus himself. 

Toby Flenderson that The Office is a penn State fan. Sounds around right.

— Nick Peterson (


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