She admits come have eaten some pickles before the kissing scene to avoid acquiring passionate through Drew since he hates pickles.

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Sep 13, 2008 - being billed to execute an on-screen kiss v her co-star Drew Seeley in her recent flick "Another Cinderella Story," Selena Gomez share to E! Online"s Marc Malkin around her passion dousing an enig during the shooting. Preventing to gain passionate throughout the scene, Selena told Marc that she ate some pickles prior to the take. "He no pickles and I love pickles, so I"d eat some pickles," for this reason she said. She, however, didn"t talk about Drew"s reaction.

It took about 10 take away to acquire the kiss right, however Selena was really professional around the scene, admitting "You know, for me, it to be a job, and also for him as well, too." She climate jokingly added, "but I"m no complaining. He"s not bad to look at" once referring come Drew.

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Kissing on-screen, indeed, isn"t something new for Selena who is tho 16 year old. Her very first on-screen smooch to be on "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" once she to be still 12 years old. "And climate on my present , mine character has kissed maybe four or five guys. For this reason this wasn"t mine first," the Disney young actress stated.

"Another Cinderella Story" is a romantic comedy film. Selena and also Drew are the key cast. In the film, she plays a girl who falls for a renowned singer, Drew"s character, that enrolled at their school, Beverly Hills High. The film to be shot in Canada in January 2008 and will be released direct-to-DVD by Warner Premiere. Through a target release date of September 16, 2008, Selena will certainly be celebrating the movie top top Sunday, September 14 through a screening in ~ the Grove mall in L.A.

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