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In the first chapter that the novel, Nick visits his 2nd cousin, Daisy Buchanan, where he reunites through her arrogant, unscrupulous husband, Tom. Tom Buchanan is portrayed as a pompous, ignorant man, who is domineering and also proud. During dinner, the call rings and the butler requests Tom"s visibility in...

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In the very first chapter of the novel, Nick visits his second cousin, Daisy Buchanan, wherein he reunites v her arrogant, unscrupulous husband, Tom. Tom Buchanan is shown as a pompous, ignorant man, who is domineering and also proud. Throughout dinner, the call rings and also the servant requests Tom"s existence in the house. Quickly after Tom leaves, Daisy likewise excuses herself and follows him into the home. Outside, Jordan Baker exchanges a short glance with Nick and attempts come eavesdrop on your conversation. When Nick bring up Gatsby, Jordan automatically silences him and also proceeds come tell him,

Tom’s got some mrs in brand-new York (18).

Nick is confused by Jordan"s comment, and also she proceeds to criticize Tom"s mistress because that calling in the middle of dinner. Tom and also Daisy then go back to the table and also attempt to carry on a casual conversation before the phone call rings because that the second time. The awkwardness the the instance causes their entire conversation to stop and fully ruins the rest of the evening. Nick mentions,

Among the damaged fragments that the last five minutes at table ns remember the candles being lit again, pointlessly, and I was conscious of wanting to look squarely in ~ every one and yet to prevent all eyes. Ns couldn’t guess: v what Daisy and Tom were thinking but I doubt if also Miss Baker who seemed to have actually mastered a specific hardy hesitation was able completely to put this fifth guest’s shrill metallic urgency the end of mind (19).

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In the next chapter, Jordan Baker"s information concerning Tom"s infidelity is confirmed when Tom takes Nick with him into the city come party v his mistress, Myrtle Wilson. Myrtle Wilson is defined as a sensuous woman through "perceptible vitality." She resides in the sink of ashes through her lowly husband, George, and also desires to leaving him to be with Tom. In the second chapter, Nick safety the evening at Tom"s apartment in the city, where he frequently conducts his affair v Myrtle Wilson. The reality that Tom would publicly brag about his affair and introduce his mistress come Nick emphasizes his arrogant, devilish personality.