Carrie Underwood has welcomed her 2nd child! The singer common the news of her son"s Jan. 21 birth on Instagram, in addition to his beloved name: Jacob Bryan Fisher.

Although Carrie and also Mike Fisher"s first child, Isaiah, has actually a name the ranks nice high ~ above the Social protection Administration"s perform of well-known boys" name — it"s to be hovering in between No. 39 and 47 top top the height names list due to the fact that 2000 — Jacob is actually a much much more popular name. Between 2000 and also 2012, Jacob to be the No. 1 boys" name, and though it"s dropped come No. 10 together of 2017, it"s tho trendy as ever!

Plus, both renowned names sound amazing once put with each other — Isaiah and also Jacob Fisher rolls turn off the tongue, doesn"t it? Congratulations, Carrie and family!

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