Is is true that Bill Cosby at once had to buy the legal rights to the Rascals and would not enable them to be shown since of the type casting of decimal in them?

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Then what was the attend to that? earlier in the beforehand 90s, Spanky came to my college and also he appeared pretty mad at bill Cosby. Ns wish I"d had the feeling of psychic to lug a camcorder to the talk he gave. However I did acquire him to autograph among the old Cabin heat videotapes. Ns recall him speak something favor "Ah ha! Here"s one of the videotapes! So much for bill Cosby!"- Joe

Spanky have to have believed the rumors......"Around 1989, the rumor started circulating that entertainer invoice Cosby had actually bought increase the rights to the The little Rascals episodes for the express purpose of maintaining them off of television because of their demeaning portrayal the blacks. This rumor has nothing to it, of course: King world Productions has owned and licensed the legal rights to The tiny Rascals for over thirty years. The series has to be syndicated come television countless times and also the video clip rights to part episodes were licensed to Cabin fever Entertainment in 1997, however Bill Cosby has never owned any part of the rights to The small Rascals."
Then what was the attend to that? earlier in the early on 90s, Spanky pertained to my college and he seemed pretty mad at bill Cosby. Ns wish I"d had the sense of mind to carry a camcorder to the speak he gave. But I did obtain him to autograph one of the old Cabin fever videotapes. Ns recall him saying something choose "Ah ha! Here"s one of the videotapes! So lot for bill Cosby!"- Joe
1). The sounds favor he to be *proving* the invoice Cosby rumor to be untrue when he organized up a tape and also said, "so much for bill Cosby..."2). Spanky was already dead when the Cabin Fever collection came the end in 1994. He passed away in "93.

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Hrm... Ns guess it"s not a Cabin fever tape then! It"s part of a series that, once put together, develops a wooden picket fence follow me the spine. The photos on the covers to be colorized and also I think there were only 2 shorts per tape. I"ll need to retrieve the tape from my parents" residence in NJ following time I"m back there.The university he saw was Seton hall University and it to be either 1991 or 1992.- Joe!