Is there any truth to the oft-repeated rumour that Henry VIII’s second wife and also Elizabeth I’s mother, anne Boleyn, had actually an extra number on her appropriate hand?

Anne Boleyn was married to Henry VIII for just three years prior to he had her beheaded for spurious charges of adultery, incest and also treason.

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Even though Henry showed up to it is in madly in love v her – he wrote countless flirtatious letter to her prior to they were married – he was progressively desperate for a masculine heir. After Anne gave birth come a daughter, Elizabeth, Henry started to lose interest.

It is in Elizabeth’s reign, however, that the fallacious rumour that the sixth finger began – years after Anne’s death. Nicholas Sander, a Catholic living in exile, wrote, “She had actually a projecting tooth under the upper lip, and also on her best hand 6 fingers. There to be a huge wen under her chin, and therefore to hide the ugliness she wore a high dress covering her throat.”

Flaws in the report immediately appear: Sander never met Anne and was writing lengthy after her execution. It have the right to be said that a male like Henry would have actually not have actually been attracted to a woman v the physical defects explained above. Especially as, at the time, imperfections were viewed as indicators of witchcraft and also evil.

It is possible, according to another Elizabethan writer called George Wyatt, that Anne had a small extra piece of fingernail, i m sorry may explain where the idea came from. But the sixth finger legend ensconced in Anne’s background was a fabrication by Sander wishing to discredit good news Elizabeth’s regime by attacking she bloodline.

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Anne’s body was exhumed in the 19th-century from the Tower the London: there to be no proof whatsoever that a 6th finger.



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