Patty Farrell (Laine MacNeil) Coach Malone (Andrew McNee) Manny Heffley (Connor Fielding) Manny Heffley (Owen Fielding) Chirag Gupta (Karan Brar) Fregley (Grayson Russell) Collin (Alex Ferris) Mrs. Norton (Belita Moreno) Mr. Winsky (Rob LaBelle) Pete Hosey (Nicholas Carey) Carter (Samuel Patrick Chu) Wade (Donnie MacNeil) Shelley (Samantha Page) Marley (Ava Hughes) Bryce Anderson (Owen Best) Quentin (Cainan Wiebe) Quentin's Sidekick (Cole Heppell) Darren Walsh (Harrison Houde) Dieter Muller (Severin Korfer) Mrs. Flint (Jennifer Clement) Mrs. Irvine (Karin Konoval) Vice major Roy (Raugi Yu) Rowley's Mom (Kaye Capron) Archie Kelly (Jake D. Smith) Arthur (Talon Dunbar) Cheese Girl (Naomi Dane) Cheese Boy (Willem Jacobson) Coach Brewer (Sean Bygrave) Elderly Woman (Maxine Miller) Granddaughter (Taya Clyne) Grown-Up Greg (Nathaniel Marten) Grown-Up Quentin (Peter New) Lunch Girl #1 (Nikki Frazer) Lunch boy #2 (Greta Makena Gibson) Kindergarten Boy (Nathan Smith) Kindergarten Girl (Kinua McWatt) Kindergarten Greg (Dylan Bell) Kindergarten Patty (Madison Bell) Marty Porter (Adom Osei) Mr. Jefferson (Alf Humphries) Mr. Parnell (Brent Chapman) Preston (Rylee Stiles) Rodney James (Ryan Grantham) Snot Kid (Ethan Shankaruk) Unpopular 80s Boy (Jesse Wheeler) Brock Branigan (Paul Hubbard) 80s Breakdancer (Brett Dier) 80s Jock Boy (Brandon Barton) 80s popular Girl (Cindy Busby) Audition Kid (Alicia Takase Lui) Audition Kid (Jay Sidhu) Audition Kid (Tori Christianson) Audition Kid (Emerald Schreier) Audition Kid (Ben Mitchell) Audition Kid (Haris Cash) Audition Kid (Mariah Crudo) Male Reporter (voice) (Alistair Abell) Female Reporter (voice) (Tara McGuire) Löded Diper (Aidan Gebert) Löded Diper (Cameron Krpan) Löded Diper (Paolo Tolfo) Greg Heffley (singing voice) (uncredited) (L.J. Benet) Kindergarten kid (uncredited) (Kaitlin Cheung) Waitress (uncredited) (Amy Esterle) Fregley's mother (Uncredited) (Gabrielle Rose) Audience kid (uncredited) (Billie Eilish) Gregory “Bubby” Heffley (Zachary Gordon) Rowley “Space Cowboy” Jefferson (Robert Capron) Frank J. Heffley (Steve Zahn) Manny Heffley (Don Cheadle)

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