The Diary the a Madman Tour was the 2nd concert tour by English hefty metal vocalist Ozzy Osbourne. The tour was in support of Ozzy and Randy Rhoads"s second album Diary that a Madman and covered Europe, north America, and also Asia. This to be Rhoads"s last tour due to the fact that he was eliminated in a airplane crash at a tiny airport in Leesburg, Florida, on march 19, 1982, throughout the very first leg that the tour. The tape took a two-week rest after his death. Ozzy and also Sharon Osbourne restarted the tour v ex-Gillan guitarist Bernie Tormé, who only performed a pair of shows prior to being replaced by future-Night Ranger guitarist, Brad Gillis.

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Ozzy osbourne end the mountain diary that a madman tour



After the Blizzard the Ozz Tour, the tape took a one-month break before going to Europe to begin the tour sustaining the upcoming album, Diary that a Madman, i m sorry was reserved to it is in released global on November 7, 1981. Ozzy, Rhoads, Rudy Sarzo, Tommy Aldridge, and also Lindsay Bridgwater reconvened at Shepperton Studios in England wherein they would invest the following two weeks rehearsing

Europe leg


On November 4, 1981, the band arrived in Hamburg, Germany to start the tour, opening up because that Saxon in Europe. The band"s very first show at Ernst-Merck-Halle in prior of a sold-out crowd. Top top November 7, Diary the a Madman to be released worldwide and "Flying High Again", "Over the Mountain", "You Can"t kill Rock and also Roll" and also "Diary the a Madman" to be released together singles. On November 13, ~ the band"s power at top Swabia hall in Ravensburg, Sharon referred to as off the remainder of the Europe leg due to the fact that of Ozzy"s mental health and wellness issues because of his marital relationship with Thelma Osbourne having actually fallen apart. Sharon take it Ozzy earlier to England and also had the checked right into a mental health and wellness clinic when the remainder of the went on excursions transparent Germany and France prior to going ago to England.


On November 22, the rest of the band reconvened at Shepperton Studios to start pre-production rehearsals for the united Kingdom dates while Ozzy remained in the hospital. The band rehearsed songs turn off of Blizzard that Ozz, the 3 Black Sabbath songs they had already been performing, "Over the Mountain," "Flying High Again" and "Believer" from Diary that a Madman. On November 29, through opening plot Girl, the band performed in ~ Colston hall in Bristol. On December 2, the tape performed that last display of the leg at the imperial Court Theatre in Liverpool. The rest of the europe leg was canceled because of Ozzy"s depression.

North American leg (December 1981–March 19, 1982)


After returning to Los Angeles top top December 5, the band took a break for a couple weeks break and then began pre-production rehearsals. Lindsay Bridgwater departed at this time and also Don Airey, previous keyboardist of Rainbow to be hired. In December, entertain Tonight videotaped some video clip footage of your rehearsals because that a segment of the new show. On December 30, the band performed at the Cow palace in Daly City, California. Rhoads obtained the Best new Talent compensation from etc Player. The band headed ago to Los Angeles for their last display at the Los Angeles Memorial sports Arena. English hard rock and heavy metal band UFO and Starfighters were added to the bill together the opened bands. ~ above January 7, the tape played in ~ Tingley Coliseum in Albuquerque. The local news filmed the first part of the present where the band performed "Over the Mountain" and also "Mr. Crowley."


On January 20 at the Des Moines Veterans Memorial Auditorium a fan threw a live bat ~ above the stage and Ozzy, believing that to it is in a toy, little the bat"s head off and also spit it the end on stage bring about him to be checked into a regional hospital to receive rabies shots. On January 24 in ~ Rosemont Horizon in Rosemont, Illinois, Ozzy lifted Rhoads increase by his ideal leg throughout "Mr. Crowley" as soon as a professional photographer captured the moment on camera and was offered as the album cover because that the live album, Tribute. Top top January 26, as the band played "Over the Mountain" in ~ the Assembly Hall, Ozzy broke down during the middle of the song, was pulled off stage by Sharon and the rest of phase crew while the band finished instrumentally, was rushed to the hospital and the remainder the the show was cancelled. Ozzy was provided two days come rest and also heal native sickness from the rabies shots if the band went to Chicago.

On February 2, before the band"s power at civic Arena, Rhoads walk a guitar seminar in ~ the "Music City" record Store in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. On February 11, after playing at the sector Square Arena in Indianapolis, tensions between Ozzy and also Rhoads flourished as Rhoads walk not desire to pat on the live document that would certainly consist of black Sabbath songs together he felt it would certainly be a major step backward in his career, yet the record firm forced Ozzy and Sharon to relax the album. Top top February 16, the tape performed at Fair Park Coliseum in Beaumont, Texas, whereby the soundcheck rehearsal the took place previously that day was captured on video. Top top February 19, Sharon hid every one of Ozzy"s clothes so the he might not drink anymore, yet Ozzy placed on Sharon"s nightgown, acquired drunk, urinated on The Alamo and was arrested. He was released hours prior to the show due to the fact that Sharon warned the police that the concert promoters were concerned that not releasing Ozzy indigenous jail would reason the cancellation of that evening"s performance and also possibly incite a riot. After Ozzy was released, they performed at the san Antonio Convention facility Arena. Ozzy became "Public opponent #1" in Texas and also received fatality threats indigenous parents, spiritual groups and political activists. On February 20, prior to that evening"s power at Reunion Arena, Rhoads agreed come play on the live album, one more studio album and also tour with Ozzy, and then he would leave to go to the college of California, Los Angeles to get his master"s degree in timeless guitar. On march 18, the band performed in front of a sold-out group at Knoxville civic Coliseum.

The tape had acquired onto the tourism bus, i m sorry was supposed to be heading come Orlando, Florida for the absent Super bowl at the Tangerine key on march 20, but a trouble with the bus forced it come a depot dubbed Flying Baron Estates, external of Leesburg, Florida because that repairs. Ozzy, Sharon, Rudy, and Tommy were all asleep when Randy, Don, tourism manager Jake Duncan, Rhoad"s hairdresser Rachel Youngblood, bus driver Andrew Aycock and his mam Wanda and also the remainder of the crew to be awake. ~ above the property, there was an airstrip and a hangar complete of tiny airplanes. Aycock, who claimed to it is in an competent pilot, took a Beechcraft Bonanza F35 plane out of the hangar and also offered to take people up in the air. During one the the flights v Aycock, Rhoads, and Youngblood, the left wing struck the bus leading to the airplane to crash, instantly killing every on board. When the investigation was over on in march 21, the band returned to Los Angeles where they would spend the next two main trying to recuperate from the tragedy while trying to look for another guitarist.

North American foot (1982)

The band was in a severe state the depression, particularly Ozzy, whose drug and alcohol addiction and mental state had grown worse. Originally, ~ above the work of Randy"s passing, Ozzy stated that it was over and that he never ever wanted come play again, but Sharon got Ozzy ago on his feet by finishing the tour for the fans due to the fact that "You Can"t kill Rock "N" Roll," i m sorry is what Ozzy said when he was interviewed ~ above the late Night through David Letterman one main after Randy"s death. Rudy referred to as his younger brother, future-Hurricane lead-guitarist, Robert Sarzo and asked him to audition and also play the material the same as Randy and was hired. One more guitarist had shown up come audition, former-Gillan guitarist, Bernie Tormé, who had actually been hired and given an advancement by Sharon"s father, Don Arden, and also even though his audition did not go smoothly, due to the fact that he was not familiar with the material and his style, feeling and means of play being various from Randy"s, Bernie finished up getting the job rather of Robert.

On march 28, the band flew come Bethlehem, Pennsylvania for three days of rehearsals to restart the tour. ~ above April 1, the tape restarted the tour at Stabler Arena in Bethlehem. UFO was back as an opened act in Bethlehem, and also Magnum was added during the adhering to five-show stint at Philadelphia"s Spectrum. ~ the Philadelphia mirrors with Bernie, that was eager to begin his solo career, Sharon found future-Night Ranger guitarist, Brad Gillis, despite he did no feel prepared to play on stage yet as he essential some time to discover the setlist, Bernie walk several much more shows through the band till Brad to be ready. On April 13, Brad played with the band for the very first time in ~ Broome ar Veterans Memorial Arena in Binghamton, new York. The tape finished with Brad and also Bernie left to obtain his solo job started.

On might 10, after ~ the band"s power at Glens Falls public Arena in brand-new York, Sharon placed the tourism on organize again as Ozzy"s depression, mental illness, and also drug and also alcohol addiction had actually grown worse, so the remainder of the tour"s mirrors were postponed. The tape restarted the tour on might 19 at Cape ko Coliseum in southern Yarmouth, Massachusetts through Magnum as the opening band because that the eastern coast and also midwest shows and the Canadian band, Santers, would be the opened band because that the Canadian shows, and also "Axe" would be the opening band because that the west coastline shows. On June 19, the tape performed its first laser show at Oakland Arena in California. ~ above June 25, the band performed at Irvine Meadows, wherein the live pro-video footage was supplied for Speak the the evil one Live, which was transfer on MTV on Halloween.

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On July 4, Ozzy and Sharon obtained married. From July 9 to 15, the tape performed several reflects in Japan. Later on August 6, the day before the band"s present at the absent N role Super bowl (1982) in ~ The noodle Bowl in Dallas where Le Roux would open and supporting acts Loverboy and Foreigner, Ozzy"s depression had actually grown also worse and not wanting to do an ext shows, he shaved his head completely. This go not protect against Sharon from forcing Ozzy to get on stage with a wig, however Ozzy ripped the wig turn off his head and also threw that on the audience.