Demi Moore is a successful actress well-known for she emotionally charged functions in blockbuster films. The Hollywood beauty has been a tabloid gossip topic since she starred in the 1985 drama St. Elmo’s Fire. When married come A-list celebrities Bruce Willis and AshtonKutcher, Moore has actually led a life that remains of an excellent interest come fans. She’s remained in front the the camera due to the fact that the early on ’80s, so she’s accustomed come living amid public scrutiny.

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The critically acclaimedGhostactress freshly released her memoir,Inside Out. In the book, Moore candidly discusses many of the rumors neighboring her job and personal relationships. One, in particular, declared she was visually impaired in one eye. Moore was quick to lay that rumor to rest. She said she might see clearly at that point.

Demi Moore’s ever-changing looks


Demi Moore | Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Moore has readjusted her appearance many times throughout her career. Her many drastic and iconic look was for her lead role in the 1997 filmG.I. Jane. In the film, she sports a shave head and hard body.

Once part of the Brat Pack, Moore was well-known for her jet-black hair and impeccable physique. In spite of her changing looks over the years, she has constantly maintained her remarkable beauty.

In 2004,People included the actress ~ above its “All-Time most Beautiful Women” list.

Moore’s background of vision issues

HernanGonz: I simply read from OMGCelebFacts that U R remote in 1 eye…is that true?

— Demi Moore (

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Several year ago, Demi Moore to be spotted attract a pair the glasses. Pan instantly began speculating the the talented actress was experiencing major eye trouble.

But she was fast to quash the rumor. She explained that as soon as she to be a child, she underwent surgery to settle a lazy eye. TheIndecent Proposal actress had actually a painful condition known as strabismus. And it forced several measures to correct.

Moore candidlysaid top top Twitter: “I had a lazy eye as a kid. My best eye is weak!” She described she isn’t visually impaired, as fans had actually speculated, however needs to wear glasses due to the fact that of the condition. She playfully tweeted, “I rocked an eye patch for years!”

TheCharlie’s Angelssensation likewise has heterochromia. Follow to the American Academy that Ophthalmology, this rare eye condition way a person’s irises areeach a different color. In Moore’s case, she has one hazel eye and also one green eye.

Other health concerns

As a child, theStripteaseactress also had a debilitating kidney condition that compelled surgery. She proficient a the majority of pain and a lengthy recovery period. Once she to be 17 year old, she stepfather, Danny Guynes, passed away by suicide. She uncovered herself living on her own, discovering to address physical and also mental wellness issues.

After the birth of her second daughter, Moore started to obsess about her body. She constantly had a complex relationship with food yet now found herself exercising nonstop come prepare for her role inA few Good Men.In hertell-all book, she explains this “launched the obsession v working the end that would consume me end the next five years. I never ever dare permit up,” The list reported.

With a long-running background of drug and alcohol abuse, Moore has actually battled an individual demons transparent her successful career. Stressful personal relationship worries led come an eat disorder, together with devastating autoimmune and digestive problems, she called The new York Times. She additionally experienced unhealthy weight loss, leaving her looking gaunt and also withdrawn.

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Now, in she late 50s, Moore has found herself in a new role together she confronts aging in a youth-centric industry. She toldWomen’s health she now stays active by dancing and living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.