Violets have to be personal selected you can not seize a handful there is no damaging few of them.They have the right to not be roughly picked in a hurry.

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The Violet is no the type of flower that shows off that fullest beauty, beauty standing alone, yet is naturallygregarious and also looks ideal in common clusters.

However, choose Deltas, the Violets can stand alone andstill reflect beauty. Although at very first glance violets seem come look alikebut at a close inspection one note the countless subtle, charmingand individual qualities that do each one distinctly differentfrom that is sisters.

Despite the Violets seemingly vulnerable beauty, it is nonetheless sturdy and solid because it yields a lengthy stem as soon as pulled.

Finally, choose Deltas, also the Violet that has passed it every allotted time for boomingretains the dignity and also coloration that be spaks its exclude, culture.Soror Marie JohnsonHartford Alumnae Chapter


The official Symbol that Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.Fortitude

The replica that the sculpture is located on the campus of Howard college in Washington, D.C. She symbolizes strength, courage, hope, wisdom, beauty, and femininity. She facial functions depicts courage and also determination. The outstretched hands represent the receding of love, and the giving of one me to others. The frostbite is shown pushing forward, the stress on she thigh is representative of she strength. Fortitude stands to inspire ladies to move forcefully front to meet life"s challenges.

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The Elephant, A Delta Tradition

I bet you"re wondering why Delta"s collect elephants. Although no one appears to be yes, really certain, Delta have actually made a hobby out of doing so. Delta"s collection elephants in the forms of jewelry, pots, stuffed animals, statues, refrigerator magnets, or just about anything you can name. Numerous Deltas collection elephants because one of our establishing sorors loved to do just that. Once she passed far her collection of elephants was donated to the cool Chapter the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., wherein they are on display screen in ours archives. Today most Deltas collection elephants in her honor. The elephant symbolizes strength and determination. The uplifted trunk to represent high goals. The appropriate foot forward represents front movement.