You will inevitably start running out of room on her iPod nano, however it is exceptionally easy to delete (remove) contents from her iPod. In this tutorial, you will certainly learn just how to estimate how much room you require for brand-new content, just how to delete just the ideal amount of items from her iPod, and how come go about deleting content at this time inside among your iPod nano playlists.

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First, discover out how plenty of items you need to delete from her iPod nano

In many cases, you will delete or eliminate content from her iPod nano come save space for brand-new music, audiobooks, podcasts, etc. So, we"ll begin by mirroring you just how to know how much space you require to cost-free up. First, look at her iPod nano"s review screen in iTunes: that indicates how much storage space is left in her iPod. Then, either select the item in iTunes, or by filter them v the find box at the top, and also look at the bottom that iTunes" key window:

As you deserve to tell indigenous the screenshot above, iTunes gives you the exact amount of room the current an option will take it on her iPod.

Finally, go within the media sort of the items you are going come delete (Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, or Books). Situate the items, pick them, and right-click top top them: pick "Delete" native the paper definition menu, and they will be permanently gotten rid of from her iPod nano. ITunes will also give friend the dimension of the item you have actually selected in your iPod.

Tip: one way your iPod nano content grows surprisingly fast is through videos you taped from the nano (and, come a lesser extent, voice memos). Don"t forget to frequently transfer videos and also voice memos come your computer system (Mac or PC).

Show the biggest items on her iPod nano

A quick way to figure out what to delete an initial is to search for the largest records on her iPod nano: select a media sort (like Music). If the "Size" obelisk is not visible ~ above the right, right-click on an additional column, and also check "Size" to add this column; finally, click on the Size column to kind iPod items by size. Removing biggest items very first will free up space faster on her iPod nano.

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How to delete content from one iPod nano playlist

As you may have actually experienced, deleting items native a playlist in her iPod nano will certainly not adjust the lot of cost-free space you have actually on your iPod: this is since iTunes deletes references come the song (for example), not the songs themselves, once you delete from within a playlist. So, to delete the actual items that space inside one iPod playlist, you must delete them native the media sort folder to which they belong (Music, Books, Movies, etc.) when there, right-click on the item come remove, and also choose "Delete".