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Here’s a post that means a lot come me.

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For the Song and also the Singers featured and for the warm memories it evokes.

Nothing like music to open the entrances of memory!

Music afoot charms. Music hath charms.

And, amongst those charm is that is uncanny capability to build bonds of other feeling and also friendship between people born in wildly various times, places and cultures.

Take me and Carl.

Carl come from the spice Island of Grenada in the Caribbean.

When us met he was seventy years old and also I was a callow twenty two.

I had actually just emerged, blinking, indigenous the cream color tower that Cambridge college awaiting mine inevitable exploration as a good novelist.

Carl had actually spent years in the fierce factory of Detroit and the searing cane areas of Florida.

We met in Hospital.

I was working there together a porter substantially rushing the resuscitation trolley to people on the allude of fatality and more prosaically ferrying patients to the X-Ray department and to the operating theatre for surgery.

Carl, having actually suffered a love attack, came into Accident & Emergency by ambulance in ~ 3am as soon as I was on night shift.

I watched with a mixture of horror and fascination the team the doctors and nurses, with whom moments before I had been sharing idle banter, urgently carry all their professional an abilities to the struggle to to save Carl’s life.

Happily castle succeeded and also before ns left that morning I rolled Carl come the ward where he would recover.

Normally that would have actually been the last time I experienced him however as i was around to leave Carl said, ‘Will girlfriend come and also see later?’.

A inquiry I can hardly refuse.

So, the night i made the first of many visits come Carl’s bedside in the three weeks he spent in the hospital.

Walking right into the ward i wondered what 2 such disparate individuals can find to speak about.

Almost without thinking I asked him, having actually learned of the moment he had spent in America, what sort of music he had actually listened to there.

Given his age, and reading on his chart that he to be a Baptist by religion, ns anticipated that he might answer large Band Jazz or Gospel Music.

I to be a little taken aback as such when that answered by to sing in a mellow baritone:

An old cowpoke walk riding the end one dark and windy day,

Upon a ridge that rested as he went along his way,

When as whole a mighty herd the red-eyed cows he saw

Riding v the ragged skies and also up a clouded draw …’

Now, mine education, at University, could have to be airily academic but luckily ~ above those few occasions once I was not bent end some middle ages text I can be found, a huge tub of popcorn by my side, obsessively the town hall every ‘A’, ‘B’ or collection Western that ever pertained to town.

So, without absent a beat, i joined in together we sang:

Their brands were still top top fire and their hooves to be made the steel,

 Their horns were black and also shiny and their warm breath he can feel,

 A bolt of are afraid went v him as they thundered with the sky,

For he saw the riders coming hard and also he heard your mournful cry ..’

And then, to the incredulity of the remainder of the ward, us lifted our voices up and sang together lustily:

Yippie ns aye, Yippie i ooh,

 Yippie i aye, Yippie i ooh,

 Ghost Riders In The Sky’

Then we laughed and also laughed till we nearly cried.

And, us sang that song, amongst many various other Western favourites, every time us met until Carl passed away some 2 years later.

‘Ghost Riders In The Sky’ was Carl’s favourite song and the variation he preferred, ‘Because that don’t mess about with the song’ was the one by Gene Autry native 1949.

This one’s because that you Carl:

According come the Western authors of America, ‘Ghost Riders In The Sky’ is the greatest of all Western songs and I totality heartedly agree through that respectable body.

The tune was composed in 1948 by Stan Jones and an initial recorded by him and his marvelously named, ‘Death valley Rangers’ that very same year.

Stan, climate a Park Ranger in fatality Valley, is deemed to have written the song on his 34th birthday as he recalled a legend told come him once he was 12 by an old cowboy.

Now, all story told by Stan Jones must be taken through a fistful the salt as he to be a provided fabulist who regularly valued the effect of a tale over its veracity (as frequently do I!).

The story of the spectral herd in the skies and also the curse of, ‘Stampede Mesa’ more than likely traces its beginnings to mythical cautionary story told roughly the cowboy campfire in nineteenth century Texas.

Whatever its social lineage Stan do a certifiable classic which is shot v with haunting pictures which never ever leave the mind once heard.

Burning in the psychological firelight of my creative thinking as the song proceeds ns feel the warm breath the those red-eyed cows and shudder with fear as your black and shiny horns and also steely hooves thunder by.

In my dreams I’m there with the gaunt faced cowboys their shirts soaked through sweat together they endlessly go after the cursed herd lock never, ever, will catch.

Surely that’s my name i hear them calling in the wind at the dead the night!

‘Yippie ns aye, Yippie ns ooh,

 Yippie ns aye, Yippie i ooh,

 Ghost Riders In The Sky’

Stan wrote many an ext fine western ballads significantly those special in the films of the greatest of every Western movie Directors – john Ford.

But, neither he, no one anyone else, ever before wrote a better one than, ‘Ghost Riders In The Sky’.

The brilliance and also mother lode Americana high quality of the song has, because that seven decades now, attracted hundreds and also hundreds of artist to take it a shot of rye, strap on your spurs and saddle up v the Ghost Riders to see if the herd can ultimately be corralled.

And, if anyone, by force of will and character could bring out the miracle it would surely be none various other than Johnny Cash – no mean mythic number himself.

Johnny sings the tune with the oracular strength an old testament prophet issuing a tomb warning to his people to avoid them from sleepwalking to doom.

You desire fire-snorting horses brought to life?

You want those ghostly riders coming tough right in ~ you?

You desire to feel those mournful cries in the pit of her stomach and the marrow of her bones?

Call for The male in Black!

Yippie i aye, Yippie ns ooh,

 Yippie i aye, Yippie i ooh,

 Ghost Riders In The Sky’

Stan Jones’ evocative melody has constantly attracted guitarists and also instrumental teams who like to call an atmospheric story using 6 resonant strings rather of the vocal chords.

Today I’ve favored to function a peak 30 Billboard graph hit from 1961 (and optimal 10 in the UK) by The Ramrods – who had plainly listened carefully to Duane Eddy.

The Ramrods were out of Connecticut and also had brother and also sister Claire and also Rich Litke ~ above drums and sax respectively.

Vinny Lee take it the lead guitar function with Gene Moore in support.

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They were basically one hit marvels though ns greatly enjoyed listening to their follow up, ‘Loch Lomond Rock’ which, most likely uniquely, mashes increase twangtastic guitar through a bagpipe solo!

And, currently as they say, for something completely, completely different.

I have to say that when I began researching this article I never expected to feature a trance version by Debbie Harry!

‘Yippie ns aye, Yippie ns ooh, Yippie i aye, Yippie i ooh’ Indeed!

 Debbie’s version comes from Alex Cox’s 1998 film, ‘Three Businessmen’ and in my view is the finest thing about it.

The manufacturing is by Dan wool who had worked commonly with Stan Jones’ son who is a music editor – for this reason legal clearances to usage the song were quickly arranged.

There’s absolutely something sexily hypnotic about Debbie’s vocal including an unexpected dimension to an developed standard.

I’m going to conclude with another version out of left ar or should I say the firmament.

And, version of Ghost Riders don’t get an ext left ar than the hipster version by Scatman Crothers!

‘Yippie i aye, Yippie i ooh,

 Yippie i aye, Yippie ns ooh,

 Ghost Riders In The Sky’

Everyone has heard Scatman’s distinctive tones through his voice over job-related for TV and film. That’s Scatman as Hong Kong Phooey and also as the hep Jazz play feline in, ‘The Aristocats’.

Some may remember his appearances top top TV in the show, ‘Chico and the Man’ or on movie as penis Halloran in Kubrick’s, ‘The Shining’ (one that four films he common billing through Jack Nicholson).

Scatman was always a hep cat as evidenced by his drumming with Slim Gaillard. That brings every his vouty hipster presence to this variation of Ghost Riders which has actually me cheering him on while double up with laughter.

There will be many an ext fine execution of Ghost Riders because we every love a an excellent story.

Especially one that’s so remarkable it just needs to be true.

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Yippie i aye, Yippie ns ooh,

 Yippie i aye, Yippie ns ooh,

 Ghost Riders In The Sky’


There’s a fine story of Stan Jones by Michal K Ward published by Rio Neuvo.

The major hit variation was by Vaughn Monroe

Basso profundo execution by Lorne Green, Marty Robins, Burl Ives, Frankie Laine

Western version by young of the Pioneers, Riders in the Sky, kris Ledoux, Jimmy Wakeley, mary McCaslin

Instrumental version by The Ventures, The Shadows, The Spotniks, glenn Campbell/Roy Clark, penis Dale

‘Other’ execution by Spike Jones, Blues Brothers, brother Four, Judy Collins, Christopher Lee