A farm yard wife, mar pleads through her husband, Warren, come take ago a former farmhand who has constantly disappointed him. The farmhand, Silas, is really ill, and Mary is encouraged that he has returned come the farm yard to die. Warren has not seen Silas in his okay state and, still angry over the contract the Silas damaged when lock in the past, does not want to have actually Silas ~ above his property. Mary’s compassionate urging ultimately convinces him, however when Warren go to acquire Silas, the is already dead.


This poem contains many of the stereotypical features of Frost’s poetry, specifically the rural environment, the everyday struggle that the farm pair over their connection to the farmhand, and the colloquial dialogue. The empty verse type makes the text exceptionally clear, and also Frost even breaks up the stanzas by use dialogue.

In the poem, Frost outlines the heritages of duty and hard work-related that he explores in numerous of his various other poems. Silas returns to the farm so that he can satisfy his broken contract come Warren and also die honorably, having actually fulfilled his duty to the family and also to the community. Silas’ return to the farm also signals the prestige of the occupational that he performed ~ above the farm together a means to offer his life meaning and satisfaction. Silas does no have any children or close family members to carry out a feeling of fulfillment in his last hours; just the feeling of duty and the satisfaction of tough work can provide him v comfort.

Ironically, even after Silas’ effort to dice in the companionship the Mary and also Warren, the human being whom the views together family more than any others, he at some point dies alone. Moreover, he dies without ever before fulfilling his contract come ditch the meadow and clear the top pasture. For all his make the efforts to accomplish his duty, attain satisfaction through tough work, and find a sense of family, Silas’ initiatives are unsuccessful. Even the means in i beg your pardon his death is presented expresses its bleak isolation: Warren simply declares, “Dead.”

The poem likewise creates a clear dichotomy between Mary and also Warren, between Mary’s compassionate willingness to aid Silas and also Warren’s feeling of resentment over the damaged contract. Mary adheres to the version of Christian forgiveness that expects she to aid Silas since he demands it, not since he deserves it. Warren, ~ above the various other hand, walk not think that they fan anything come Silas and feels the they space not bound to aid him.

It is interesting to keep in mind that, that the two, just Mary in reality sees Silas over the food of the poem. She find him huddled versus the barn and also instantly establish the extent of his illness. As a result, she is automatically an ext willing to it is in compassionate towards him. Having not checked out Silas in his current state, Warren bring away the an ext rational watch of the situation. Had Warren uncovered Silas first, his therapy of the previous farmhand would no doubt have actually been more compassionate.

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