AGP (accelerated graphic port)—The standard analog video clip port on computer system manufactured before 2009.

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adaptive technology—Software and also hardware provided by people with disabilities to interact with technology. Likewise called assistive technology.

ASCII (American traditional Code for info Interchange)— one 8-bit binary code collection with 256 characters.

arithmetic logic unit (ALU)—The part of a processor that performs arithmetic (addition and subtraction) and logic (AND, OR, NOT) calculations.

binary code—A password that to represent digital data as a collection of 0s and also 1s that have the right to be understood by a computer.

binary number system (base-2)—The base-2 number system that only has actually the number 0 and also 1.

biometric scanner—A scanner that steps human qualities such as fingerprints and also eye retinas.

BIOS (Basic Input calculation System)—A program stored ~ above a chip ~ above the motherboard the is offered to start-up the computer.

bit—A binary digit. The is the smallest unit the digital information.

Bluetooth—A modern technology designed to affix peripherals wirelessly at brief ranges.

Blu-ray key (BD)—An optical key with about five times the volume of a DVD, i m sorry it to be designed come replace. The single-layer disc volume is 25 GB and also double-layer disc volume is 50 GB.

byte—Equal to 8 bits and used to stand for a solitary character in contemporary computer systems.

cache memory—A form of very fast memory that is offered to store commonly accessed info close come the processor.

CPU (central handling unit)—The brain of a computer; housed within the system unit top top the motherboard. It consists of 2 parts: the arithmetic logic unit and the regulate unit.

clock speed—The speed at i beg your pardon the processer executes the accuse cycle.

CMOS (complementary steel oxide semiconductor)—A volatile form of memory that offers a small battery to administer it through power to save the data in memory also when the computer is rotate off. The stores settings that are offered by the BIOS.

CMYK—The standard ink colors provided by printers: cyan, magenta, yellow, and crucial (black).

communication device—A maker that serves together both one input and also output machine and enables you to affix to other gadgets on a network or come the Internet. These encompass network adapters, modems, and also fax devices.

CD (compact disc)—The oldest type of optical key in use today with a storage volume of around 700 MB.

control unit—The part of the processor that manages the activity of data through the CPU.

CRT monitor—A legacy an innovation that supplies a cathode beam tube to wake up phosphor particles coating a glass display to light up the pixels.

data bus—The wires top top the motherboard end which details flows in between the materials of the computer.

DLP (digital light processing) projector—A projector that uses thousands of thousands of tiny swiveling winter to develop an image. They develop high-contrast pictures with deep blacks, but are minimal by having actually weaker reds and also yellows.

DVD (digital video disc; digital functional disc)—An optical bowl that can hold about 4.7 GB of information (single-layer SL). Double-layer (DL) DVDs have a second layer to save data and can hold around 8.5 GB.

drive controller—Located top top the motherboard, it provides a journey interface, i beg your pardon connects disk cd driver to the processor.

dye-sublimation printer—A press that uses warmth to turn solid dye into a gas that is then transferred to special paper.

EIDE (enhanced combined drive electronics)—A tradition drive interface found on the motherboard the older an individual computers.

expansion card—A card the plugs directly into an growth slot on a motherboard and permits you to connect added peripheral devices to a computer. Video cards, sound cards, network cards, TV tuners, and also modems are usual expansion cards. Also called adapter cards.

FireWire—A hot-swappable port the can attach up come 63 devices per port. The also enables for peer-to-peer communication between devices, such as two video clip cameras, there is no the use of a computer. Additionally known together IEEE 1394.

flash drive—A small, portable solid-state drive that have the right to hold up to 128 GB of information. Castle have come to be the standard for carrying data. Also called vital drives, ignorance drives, pen drives, or run drives.

flash memory—The modern technology used by solid-state warehouse devices, such as flash drives and memory cards, to save data. The data is stored on a chip.

game controller—A type of input machine that is offered to connect with video games.

gigahertz (GHz)—Used to measure the rate at i m sorry a processer executes the details cycle. A GHz is same to one exchange rate cycles per second.

hard drive—The key mass-storage tools in a computer. A form of nonvolatile storage; when the computer is powered off, the data is not lost. The primary tough drive stop the operating system, programs, and also data files. Also called hard disks or difficult disk drives.

hardware—The physical materials of a computer.

headphones—An output an equipment that counter digital signals right into sound. Lock come in several various sizes and styles, varying from tiny earbuds that fit inside her ear come full-size headphones that completely cover your outer ear. Headphones that likewise include a microphone are called headsets.

hot-swappable—A an equipment that can be plugged and unplugged without transforming off the computer.

IEEE 1394—See FireWire.

inkjet printer—The many common an individual printer, the inkjet works by spraying droplets of octopus onto paper.

input device—A machine that is supplied to get data into the computer system for this reason it can be processed.

instruction cycle—The actions a CPU uses to process data: fetch, decode, execute, store. Additionally known together the fetch-and-execute bike or the maker cycle.

joystick—An input device mounted ~ above a basic that consists of a stick, buttons, and sometimes a trigger. Typically used together a game controller, especially in flight-simulator games, a joystick likewise may be offered for such tasks as managing robotic machine in a factory.

keyboard—An input an equipment that is composed of alphabet keys, numeric keys, and also other devoted keys.

keypad—A little keyboard that doesn’t contain all of the alphabet keys.

laser printer—The most common type of printers uncovered in schools and businesses. They use a laser beam to draw picture on a drum. The photo is electrostatically charged and attracts a dried ink called toner. The drum is then rolled end paper, and the toner is deposited on the paper. Finally, the paper is heated, bonding the ink to it.

LCD (liquid decision display)—The many common form of display discovered on desktop and notebook computers. Castle consist of two layers the glass that space glued in addition to a class of fluid crystals between them. When power is passed v the separation, personal, instance crystals, it reasons them to happen or block light to produce an image.

LCD projector—A projector that passes light through a prism, i m sorry divides the light into three beams—red, green, and blue—which space then passed with an LCD screen.

legacy technology—Old modern technology that is still used alongside that more modern-day replacement, typically due to the fact that it still works and also is cost effective.

memory—Temporary storage that is offered by the computer to organize instructions and data.

memory card—A kind of solid-state storage used to broaden the storage of digital cameras, video games, and other devices.

microphone—An input machine that switch sound into digital signals and is used to chat in real-time or as part of voice-recognition applications supplied in video games and for dictating text.

modem—A communication machine used to connect a computer to a call line, modems room most often used for dial-up net access. Modem is short for modulator-demodulator. A modem mediate digital data right into an analog signal that deserve to be sent over a call line, and also then, on the receiving end, demodulates the analog signal ago into a digital data.

monitor—A video clip output machine that functions by lighting up pixels on a screen. Each pixel consists of three colors: red, green, and blue (RGB). From the base, every colors deserve to be produced by differing the intensities of the 3 colors.

motherboard—The key circuit board of a computer. It houses the CPU, drive controllers and also interfaces, development slots, data buses, ports and also connectors, BIOS, and memory and also may likewise include integrated peripherals such as video, sound, and also network cards. It gives the way for gadgets to attach to her computer.

mouse—An input device that allows a user to communicate with objects by relocating a pointer, likewise called a cursor, ~ above the computer screen. The may incorporate one or an ext buttons and also a scroll-wheel and works through moving across a smooth surface ar to signal motion of the pointer.

multi-core processor—A processor that is composed of 2 or an ext processors are combined on a single chip. Multi-core processing rises processing rate over single core processors and reduces energy intake over multiple separate processors.

multifunction device—A printer an equipment with a integrated scanner and also sometimes fax capabilities together well. Also known as an all-in-one printer.

network adapter—A communication device used to develop a link with a network. The adapter may be on-board, an growth card, or a USB an equipment and may be wired or wireless.

OLED (organic irradiate emitting diode)—A new technology used in monitors the are made up of very thin panels of organic molecules sandwiched between two electrodes.

optical disc— A kind of removable storage. Data is save on this discs by utilizing a laser to one of two people melt the disc material or change the shade of embedded dye. A laser have the right to read the variations together binary data.

output device—A machine that returns information to the user.

parallel processing—The use of many processors, or multi-core processors, to divide up the work.

PCI to express (PCIe)—A much faster version of PCI the is frequently used to affix a video card.

PCI (peripheral ingredient interconnect)—The most common type of growth slot ~ above a motherboard that an development card plugs into.

peripheral device—The contents that serve the input, output, and storage functions of a computer system system.

photo printer—A press designed to publish high-quality image on special photo paper. Photograph printers deserve to be inkjet printers the use one-of-a-kind ink cartridges or dye-sublimation printers, which produce lab-quality prints.

PictBridge—An sector standard that enables a camera to attach directly come a printer, usually by a USB connection or special dock.

pipelining—A technique used by a single processor to boost performance. As soon as the an initial instruction has moved indigenous the fetch come the decode stage, the processor fetches the following instruction.

pixel—A single point on a screen screen. Short for snapshot elements. Every pixel has three colors: red, green, and blue (RGB). From the base, every colors deserve to be developed by varying the intensities that the three colors.

plasma monitor—A huge display form that functions by happen an electric current through gas sealed in hundreds of cells inside the screen. The present excites the gas which, in turn, excites the phosphors that coat the display to happen light through an image.

plotter—A printer that supplies one or more pens to draw picture on a roll of paper.

port—A way to affix a peripheral maker to a motherboard.

processor—See CPU.

projector— A video clip output device typically provided when do a presentation or sharing media through a team in such locations as classrooms, businesses, and also home theaters because they can develop larger output 보다 a monitor.

PS/2 port—A heritage port used to affix a keyboard and also mouse.

RAM (random access memory)—A kind of volatile memory that holds the operating systems, programs, and also data the computer is right now using. Any kind of information left in memory is shed when the strength is turn off.

ROM (read only memory)—A nonvolatile kind of memory that does not require power to store its data.

resolution—The variety of horizontal pixels by upright pixels, for example 1280×1024 or 1024×768, ~ above a screen screen. The greater the resolution, the sharper the picture will be.

RFID tag—A sign that have the right to be read by an RFID (radio frequency identification) scanner. It consists of a small antenna because that receiving and also sending a radio-frequency signal.

scanner—An input machine that can increase the speed and also accuracy that data entry and also convert details into a digital format that deserve to be saved, copied, and also manipulated.

serial and parallel ports—Legacy ports provided to connect peripheral gadgets to a computer.

SATA (serial ATA)—The standard inner drive interface.

solid-state storage—A nonmechanical kind of warehouse that offers flash memory to save data on a chip.

sound card—An expansion card that gives audio relationships for both input gadgets (microphones and synthesizers) and output devices (speakers and headphones).

speakers—An output maker that counter digital signals from a computer system or media player right into sound.

stylus—A one-of-a-kind pen-like entry tool supplied by tablet computer computers, graphic style tablets, PDAs, and other handheld devices.

system unit—The instance that encloses and also protects the power supply, motherboard, CPU, and memory that a computer. It also has drive bays to organize the warehouse devices and openings for peripheral tools to attach to expansion cards ~ above the motherboard.

thermal printer—A press that creates an image by heater specially coated heat-sensitive paper, which transforms color where the warmth is applied.

touchpad—An input maker typically found on notebook computer system instead that a mouse. Movement is detected by moving your finger throughout the touch-sensitive surface.

touchscreen— one input an equipment that deserve to accept input native a finger or stylus.

Unicode—An extended ASCII collection that has come to be the traditional on the Internet and includes codes for most of the world’s created languages, mathematical systems, and special characters. It has actually codes for over 100,000 characters.

USB (universal serial bus)—A typical port type that is used to attach many type of devices, including printers, mice, keyboards, digital cameras, cabinet phones, and also external drives. Up to 127 gadgets can re-publishing a single USB port.

USB hub—A an equipment used to attach multiple USB devices to a solitary USB port.

video card—An expansion card that gives the data signal and connection because that a monitor or projector. It may additionally include input ports to affix a TV tuner or various other video device to the system.

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webcam—A specialized video camera that provides visual entry for virtual communication, such as internet conferencing or chatting.