DCOMs: 5 things That do StarStruck great (& 5 points It required To Fix) Disney Channel original Movies—better well-known as DCOMs—were greatly memorable, though your StarStruck flick came v a couple of drawbacks.

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Disney Channel original Movies are well known for their solid take away on classic stories and also for breaking the mold because that teenage-specific tales. If movies favor the High institution Musical and also Descendants are prime examples of well-known DCOMs, some movies nothing receive sufficient credit.

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StarStruck adheres to superstar Christopher Wilde (Sterling Knight) and also Midwesterner Jessica Olson (Danielle Campbell) together they loss in love in Los Angeles while avoiding the paparazzi. The is a heartwarming movie v a cool soundtrack and some the the ideal jokes placed to film that has actually been overlooked in donate of franchise-able DCOMs, though it does have actually some faults the its own.

together a film the takes place virtually exclusively in Los Angeles, that weirdly provides a suggest to present the city as lot as feasible with as little editing as possible. This provides the movie feel like a part of the society it is portraying.

With large angles and several scene shot during rush hour on the to walk of fame and the boardwalk, there is a most realism in the shots. Even all of the world are perfect aligned through what you’ll view on an average day, so much so the they likely weren’t classic extras, just accidental participants.

9 Fix: Time

while the movie walk a an excellent job of exploring Los Angeles, it does horribly as soon as it involves the size of time every little thing takes. Throughout the montage sequence, Christopher and Jessica go from Malibu come Venice to the go of Fame come the Griffith Observatory, and also then to the Hollywood sign.

After being chased by the paparazzi, they finish up deep in a hill off the to win path and also lose their automobile in a dirt pit. Finally, ~ a pond swim break, they walk all the method back come the beach. All of this wake up while the sun continues to be up. Every one of this would not be feasible to carry out in one day.

that is weird come champion the Disney Channel because that addressing the issue with child stars, yet StarStruck does it well. Not just is Christopher a 17-year-old superstar, however he is presented several time to be struggling v what the means. His parents—aka managers—treat him favor a product, and also he is rightfully fear of gift hounded through paparazzi.

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By the finish of the movie, the comes into his own, canceling a movie deal and firing his parents since he simply wants to it is in himself. The is a pretty moment, and one that us wish would have happened in genuine life for a lot of celebrities.

7 Fix: Cars

possibly this is a petty issue to take v the movie, but, because it renders a point about car laws during one scene, the is essential to discuss. Transparent the movie, Christopher literally trades cars with world four times. He literally simply swaps keys and also takes the car.

The issue here is that, while that is a affluent superstar, the isn’t something that have the right to be done. Sara (Maggie Castle) at one suggest has the keys to among his cars and also drives it as if naught happened. So many laws are damaged in these couple of scenes that Christopher could have challenged misdemeanor fees if caught.

Christopher and also Jessica’s relationship is the basis of what provides up the movie, however it has actually several various other relationships questioned and also beloved. Transparent the movie, both Stubby (Brandon Mychal Smith) and also Jessica call out Christopher for date Alexis (Chelsea Kane) for clout.

On the other side of that spectrum, Jessica’s grandmother is displayed to it is in in a connection that could have been supplied as a joke. Rather, that is a sweet look at two human being who uncovered each other later in life. That is simply heartwarming.

5 Fix: Paparazzi

for a movie that appears to have actually a basic understanding of life in Los Angeles and also as a famed person, it seems to fully misunderstand exactly how paparazzi work. Numerous times, the paparazzi are discovered in areas that they just wouldn’t possibly be, choose the final beach scene, because that example.

Additionally, they seem to know info they shouldn’t there is no explanation. They recognize that over there is a girl with Christopher, though the is never explained. They likewise know the he is driving Petunia, Jessica’s Grandmother’s car, but, again, there is no method they would have actually known that information aside indigenous the introduction of plot convenience.

The on-screen chemistry between Sterling Knight and also pretty lot every other actors member is exceptional. Every step he is in, he plays off the other people and ends up leading them. That is apparent when that is not leading that he is a driving force in the movie.

Danielle Campbell hold the exact same power over she scenes and also does it in ~ a younger age. Any type of scene the 2 share comes off as a witty and fun time while making audience forget they"re the town hall a movie.

3 Fix: Sara and also Stubby

one of the many glaring issues of StarStruck, at least plotwise, is the next story that Stubby and Sara. Over there are number of times the Sara and also Stubby space thrown together, yet, exterior of a quick mention, viewers are not privy come the events.

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It seems that these scenes were not had to prevent the shipping of the characters, however the movie has time to spare on them and it doesn’t. Perhaps the only means to resolve this difficulty would be a sequel focusing on the pair’s time during the very first movie.

The soundtrack come StarStruck is hands down in the top five Disney Channel initial Movie soundtracks. It has actually bubble pop, acoustic pop, techno-pop, rap, and even part ska and also punk tracks. Every song has actually a purpose and also fulfills it easily.

The acoustic “Hero,” “Something around The Sunshine,” “What You median To Me,” and also “Got To it is in Free” work-related both in the movie through their corresponding scenes, but additionally for miscellaneous parts of day-to-day life. This soundtrack is an pure listen because that anyone, even without see the movie.

1 Fix: The beach Scene

If over there is one whole section the the movie that needs to it is in reworked, that is the coast scene wherein Christopher and Jessica break things off come go around their lives. Not only does the scene fall flat, coming instantly after a heartfelt connecting moment, but it is also method too long.

The scene, i m sorry is an alleged to be an emotional crux, has a moment where they rest up and also begin to component as the score die down, climate they get earlier into a conversation, two different times, and then the music picks ago up. It is completely misdirected and breaks every the momentum leading approximately the climax.

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