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bicycle CLUB, Firenze with VEIL that MAYA and THOUSAND BELOW.

On in march 19th, 2018

Dance Gavin Dance is a post-hardcore outfit from Sacramento, California wherein their career began in 2005. The most current lineup because that the tape includes: Tilian Pearson at clean vocals, Jon mess at harsh vocals, Will Swan at command guitar, Tim Feerick at base guitar and also drummer Matthew Mingus. They have seven albums under their belt plus an upcoming rumored eight album due out in 2018.

our editor-in-chief Alessandra had actually a fabulous opportunity to interview and have an amazing chat with lead guitarist Will Swan from dance Gavin dance just before their live present at bike Club, in Calenzano (Firenze), Italy on in march 19th, 2018 together being component of your European tour 2018. Dance Gavin Dance to be co-headliners through Veil that Maya and also opening tape Thousand Below.


What’s the an enig recipe because that DGD to be together an impactful band through 13 years of music and nearly eight albums? What’s your formula?


Will Swan:

Just not quitting it i guess. You understand we’ve been believed a the majority of member changes and stuff, we just keep going and get things save happening. So seek variance. You’ve been in the band since the beginning. Yeah.

yes a the majority of buzz going approximately your upcoming album due the end in 2018. Therefore what can of sneak peeks carry out you have actually for us as regards songwriting, lyrical themes, anything you’d prefer really.

Will Swan:

We’re quite excited for the new album. It’s all over the place. Musically yes sir a yes, really diverse variety of styles and also I think us commit an ext to each layout too and kind of let song be friend know, fully in various directions which ns like, together it makes a varied album. So ns think this record is one of the most eclectic. Is the an speculative album? Some song yeah.

stop talk around your saturday album, Mothership. What kind of new elements or main distinctions you’ve been introducing due to the fact that your very very first records. For this reason what kind of progressions have actually been occurring in your music due to the fact that then?


Will Swan:

Mothership is like relocating forward native what we were doing, and also kind that a retrospective and also like a mix of every the sounds the we’ve done. The new one ns feel prefer is much more just like fully branching out and also just act different types of things. And of food there’s still the backbone that what provides DGD yet there’s just a lot much more different types of songs. We’re really happy for much more music to it is in dropped indigenous you, so yes, really waiting because that it.

you’ve been v Rise documents for an ext than 10 years now. In regards to numbers and also success the end there, perform you think the being with a huge record brand and also kicking asses v a enormous tour you doing, is the a great combination? What is much more important because that you?


Will Swan:

We’ve constantly had a good relationship v Rise, they let us perform what we want as far as image, music and you know, a many labels are sort of tyrannical and also like: “You have to do this, you have to make a single like this”. We hadn’t really had that experience with them, for this reason it’s been really nice. We had a great like, and also we understand that some other bands though take a bigger heading but for us you know, they sort of leave united state alone and also trust us and also we have actually a good respect through them and back. For this reason Rise has actually been simply awesome because that us. Us don’t have any type of problems working through them or later too.

just how was it like to share a stage with Veil of Maya? We would love you come share v us a memorable minute of this tour along with them and also Thousand below obviously.


Will Swan:

They’re both awesome. Us really favor touring v the guys. I’d never met either band before, and also they’re all really cool. And also we’re all sharing one substantial bus too. Yeah that big black bus outside. Coming into that type of:”Men I’ll help their chill”. Every little thing it’s been good and lock an awesome tape (Veil that Maya) and it’s been a yes, really cool tour. They’re yes, really heavy and we’re anywhere the place so we didn’t know if they’d walk together, but they do. Therefore fans choose both bands and that’s been good.

On march 22nd you’re closing up this tour in Europe with Cologne date in Germany. You’ve to be touring since third March and also you’re heading back to the states with Underoath, Veil that Maya and also Limbs. What sort of endure you’re taking v yourself, I median how has this tour been matching your expectations? her impressions on the tour.


Will Swan:

Yeah in Europe we’re kind of neglected over our career. You’re not really recognize here, are you? Yeah, so it’s favor in the United says we’ve been simply growing and growing and also growing, it’s been yes, really good. Yeah, you’re yes, really famous. Our managers finally are like: “You men need to provide Europe another go”, so we go like: “Alright we’ll execute it.” You’ve gained a great live experience, to be watching girlfriend on plenty of tours, an ext than any other band. Yeah, over right here it’s been fun. This is certainly one of my favourite European jaunt ever before done, reason the parcel is cool, all the guys are cool, the shows have been good. How is it in Italy, really laid back, no stress? Yeah, in Italy we’ve just played as soon as before. And also so this is our very first time back in 7 years and also my second time ever before in Italy. So us didn’t understand what come expect, however it’s to be cool. I wish we might had unable to do out and had some great food, yet we store lying in the middle of nowhere ahahaah. They’ve been taking you part roasted chicken. I’m vegetable ahahaa. Oh right, i respect that, I respect that. (laughing).

How perform you view yourself and also your tape in 5 years’ time?

Will Swan:

Hopefully we’re choose a u-turn, you understand where we’re just super large and human being cry when they check out us, analysis stuff. So that’s what we’re shooting for.

A curious question, those behind the motivation of her name run Gavin Dance?

Will Swan:

We had a many dumb names and also it to be the the very least dumb name, choose there were some really negative names as soon as we’re comprising names and also we had actually a present when we were starting out, prefer :”We need to come up through a name for the show cause we can’t just be one untitled band”. Therefore it’s just as like kind that a snap decision. Well I’m glad reason like it’s simply a major genre whereby bands take it themselves therefore seriously, at least for us we laughter around the surname a little silly and also the music is anywhere the place, the vocals, lyrics get almost everywhere the place. I think the names room a an excellent reflection of that.

Thank friend for your time, i was a large pleasure to meet you in person.

Cool, say thanks to you because that coming.

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SICK and SOUND is thankful and also grateful come KINDA company for making it possible for united state to access this show as press and also being honored through an exclusive personal interview through Will Swan from run Gavin Dance.

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