Clinton Kelly and husband Damon Bayles have actually been married because that a lengthy time. Open about their sexuality, the two maintained their wedding a low profile though.

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Clinton Kelly and also Damon Bayles’ wedded at their home in Connecticut

Clinton has actually been open around his sexuality because that a long time, i.e. Because he was a co-host top top the fact makeover present What no to Wear. He date Damon Bayle long prior to tying the knot with him in 2009.

Their wedding, which was held at their residence in Connecticut, was kept a low profile and also was attended by just close family and also friends.


The pair is at this time based in brand-new York, however they take it time off and also often head to their home in Connecticut, which that calls a “happy place.”

During a 2014 interview v Hartford Magazine, a Connecticut-based lifestyle magazine, Kelly shared, “Connecticut is my happy place. There is nowhere together nice. When we obtain here, we protect against at the regional IGA and get every the food we need for the weekend. And never leave the house. I barely comb mine hair. It’s me, Damon and also the pets and the woods and also some friends comes over. Ns adore Connecticut.”


They teach them just how to dress and also bring the end the romantic side to your otherwise dull personalities. They totally transformed the profile and personality the those women, help the poor souls uncover the absent love of your life. 

Clinton operated alongside Devyn because that nearly fifty percent a year, and also during that time, he should have certainly learned invaluable tips from the dating coach. He seems to be practicing what he preached, i m sorry is possibly why his relationship is going so well v his partner.

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Bayles, top top the other hand, has actually been helping civilization in dealing with various mental issues. A clinical psychologist by profession, he counsels world battling depression, anxiety, interpersonal and also relationship issues, etc. 

Bayles’ expertise in the field is certainly a reason that the couple has regulated to save relationship worries at bay and also live a stress-free married life.

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