Several years ago, i was provided an antique Singer treadle sewing maker that has been happen down through my family members for a couple of generations. I had no idea as soon as it was made or its design number. Several components are missing, it’s not in great shape, and also it’s basically non-functional–but that still is a wonderful item of household memorabilia, and also I love having actually it in mine home. My flat display screen TV usually resides on top of the Singer cabinet, so ns look in ~ it every day. Perhaps someday ok refurbish it, and when that happens, it will be crucial to know a little an ext about the machine.

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Damascus Sewing Machines, original Vintage neck 1920"s Wards double Page Ad. "Damascus sewing machine manual (smm266pdf) (Image1)". Find the serial number. Conserve damascus treadle sewing an equipment to acquire e-mail alerts. VINTAGE DAMASCUS SEWING maker WOOD PITMAN ARM cast IRON PEDAL treadle PARTS. Variety of bids. ISMACS Singer Serial Number lookup. Look up her Singer Sewing device Serial Number to discover out when your an equipment was made and identify what model. This blog records my experiments and also successes v fabric and also fibers, surface ar design, stitching, weaving, photography and whatever else strikes my fancy.
Thanks come Singer’s recent 160th anniversary celebration, I had the ability to pinpoint my antique machine’s model year by entering its serial number right into Singer’s virtual database. It’s nice to recognize my sewing machine was produced in 1907. But I additionally wanted to uncover out the design number–which at first I believed would be a much more an overwhelming proposition. Luckily, a rapid search online succumbed several resources that assisted me narrow under my Singer’s version number.
The best and also easiest come navigate is Sandman Collectibles’ online Singer identification guide. Referring back to your vintage Singer, you answer a series of yes/no questions about your machine’s features. Based on your answers, the online form jumps girlfriend to much more identification questions, until ultimately you arrive at one or an ext possible models. Making use of this to know form, i narrowed my Singer’s design down to 27/28 or 127/128. Based on certain factors, ns think it’s most most likely a version 127/128. Sandman Collectibles likewise offers many vintage Singer machine user manuals because that sale.
Another very helpful source is blogger Nicholas Rain Noe’s “The Vintage Singer Sewing maker Blog”. Through number of blog posts, Nicholas provides guidance with the procedure of assessing a machine’s features and distinguishing very comparable models from each other.
Also worth browsing is the website the the worldwide Sewing device Collectors’ Society. The society archives sewing device manuals, advertisements, and also other information and also offers many downloadable products on its website. It additionally publishes study findings, auction results, and information top top restoring vintage equipments for an global membership of sewing an equipment collectors.
Mystery accessories from neck machines can be a tiny harder to identify, however you have the right to use countless of the very same resources available for identifying machines. Also, over there are many vendors that specialization in initial or reproduction components for antique and also vintage machines, and also simply comparing her machine’s mystery part-like a presser foot-to those obtainable for sale can assist you number out the purpose. I’m relatively sure the the two similar presser feet in the picture are ruffler attachments (I know the third foot is a roll-hem attachment).
Do you own a vintage or antique sewing machine? Is her antique a family members heirloom or a garden sale find? have actually you established its model and also year that manufacture? carry out you have any kind of favorite sources for identifying antique machines and also replacing parts?
Based top top the series of questions posed by Sandman Collectibles" online Singer to know guide, and also based on extr details, I believe it"s a model 127/128.
The secret presser foot attachments in ~ left space most likely rufflers, and the one at best is reasonably obviously a roll-hem foot.
Thanks come the an excellent people at The worldwide Sewing maker Collectors culture (ISMACs) who assisted me to identify my "new" purchase as a "National VB 2." the was probably made between 1890 and 1910. Serial Number 1287755.Apparently, it"s a "knock-off" the a Singer Vibrating spaceship 2 (later design 27). Nationwide made this "badge" machines as generics that various other companies branded as their own (like Sears, Montgomery Ward, neighborhood hardware stores, etc.). That"s why so numerous machines often tend to look at alike, but have various names throughout the top.

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I had originally assumed I would NOT shot using this vintage maker for any type of actual sewing projects, but with the encourage of number of ISMACs enthusiasts, i am planning to clean the up, acquire a couple of missing parts, and treadle away on some real jobs (yet to it is in determined).I am discovering that there is a whole human being out there of treadlers who favor the antique sewing devices to contemporary day sewing machines. One woman, Damascus Annie, has actually a organization machine-quilting on solely treadle machines. She clientele desire an authentic neck look to your quilts. You have the right to see her wonderful studio with the various machines and also learn more about treadles here. There are treadle devices that enable for free-motion stitching--and right here I believed this to be a brand-new innovation!This has opened increase a whole brand-new world come me. The research is likewise fun, interesting and challenging--kind of choose a treasure hunt. One clue leads to the next ... I"m looking forward to identifying and also possibly collecting a few more treadles, restoring them and using them. Woo-hoo! means to obtain off the power grid!Singer has a good program to identify and age your old machines. Friend can speak to their 1-800-number, carry out a serial number, and they deserve to tell you the model, when and also where it was made. Singer additionally has a website because that checking serial numbers. Also White offers this business (to some degree). Over there is also a woman collecting White serial numbers to paper some of the feet in the company"s production record.But how do you research a machine from a agency that went the end of business in 1957 (like nationwide did)? shot some of the complying with sources :ISMACs - international Sewing machine Collectors" SocietyThey offer a listserv whereby you can describe what you"ve got, and also the knowledgeable members will offer their best guess regarding what the is.Needlebar - one more group of people interested in researching the background of old-timey sewing machines. The offer numerous pictures to assist you determine what you can have.TreadleOn - Is a wonderfully much information website and society that actually promotes the usage of antique treadle sewing machines, together opposed to simply collecting them because that decoration

Book : Charles Law"s Encyclopedia of antique Sewing MachinesThis can be an extremely useful if you can discover a copy, or someone who does own it. This week, only 1 copy was easily accessible on Amazon used publications for $200. Only a grasp of libraries it seems ~ to carry it together well, among them gift The Library the Congress--and I"m not sure how willing they room to share it. Seems like this kind of book would be considered non-circulating recommendation material.