Dairy Queen has been serving blizzards upside down and also having client lick the signature swirl turn off the cones for around for 77 years. DQ is a childhood classic for virtually every kid who grew up in the midwest. You score a score in your soccer game? DQ. You"re hanging out with your grandparents? DQ. Girlfriend just gained done with a lengthy bike drive on a warm day? DQ. It was the go-to act in the summer.

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It might feel prefer we Midwesterners understand our DQ choose the earlier of our hand. However, DQ has been keeping component of their menu secret from united state for years. 

1. Crunch Cone

The crunch cloak is a very delicious topping consisting of sprinkles and crushed peanut butter nougats, aka the summary of sweet and also salty mixes. As soon as you order, you need to ask for a vanilla cone (any size) and also ask for a crunch coat on it. The crunch coat is only available at specific locations so if your cashier gives you a funny look, that DQ might not bring it.

2. Peanut Butter

Okay, I acquire that its not really a an enig menu article as much as one ingredient however it is life changing. You deserve to ask to have actually peanut butter mixed into any kind of Blizzard to add some protein or if friend are simply a fiend because that the taste. My go-to is a Reese"s blizzard v extra peanut butter swirled in.

3. Cherry-Dipped Cone

Move over chocolate dipped cone, there"s a new player in town. The cherry-dipped cone has been a secret option due to the fact that my childhood however its about to be your new favorite. Eaters that cherry Dilly Bars rejoice. To order this, you ask because that a vanilla cone dipped in a cherry coat or simply a cherry-dipped cone. 

4. Marshmallow Creme

This topping is a sweet joy sure to take it you ago to childhood storage of eating marshmallows directly from the bag. You can ask because that this topping on quite much any treat at DQ. Include it to her sundae to provide it some extra sweetness or even add extra to your s"more Blizzard. 

5. Float

Order a popular music or Misty Slush that your picking then politely asking the worker to put a dollop of their famed soft serve. There you have actually it: your really own DQ float. Get creative and mix it up with different Misty Slush flavors choose cherry, grape, lemon-lime, blue raspberry, and strawberry kiwi. There is nothing favor slurping one of these under after being at the pool all day.

Relive the nostalgia this summer and also hit increase DQ through your buds (or also by yourself since no one"s judging). If you"re spring to give the standard DQ items a brand-new spin, try one of these frozen delicacies that room not so mystery anymore. 

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