Currier & Ives “Early Winter” series All key in excellent problem except where noted.All prices room "LIST" price v Replacements. Full of goods below is $486 plus the worth of the cut glass oil lamps (not shown). The eBay revenue PRICE IS 50% the the replace instead replace price.MAY likewise SELL items SEPARATELY. PLEASE call SELLER.8 Dinner Plates, 10” earlier stamp v “Currier & Ives Old Grist Mill Underglaze print by Royal. Made in U.S.A.” One plate through 2 little cracks, still an extremely usable. $9.99 each ON REPLACEMENTS6 Dinner Bowls - 8-1/2 “ broad Backstamped with “Currier & Ives early on Winter Underglaze print by Royal. Do in U.S.A.” $9.99 on REPLACEMENTS2 offer Bowls 9-1/4” large Backstamped through Currier & Ives Maple Sugaring Underglaze print by Royal. Make in U.S.A.” $23.99 ~ above REPLACEMENTS2 Pie Bakers 10” wide with pie plate form bottom, No backstamp $19.99-$27.99 DEP ON pattern -- REPLACEMENTS7 Butter or Dessert plates 6-1/2” snapshot of Hay Harvest. No backstamp $4.996 Compote or berry bowls 5-1/2” broad "The Old farm yard Gate". No backstamp $5.996 saucers 6” large with Riverboat picture. No backstamp $9.99 because that cup and saucer set9 tea cups, 3-3/4” wide, photo of woman riding horse carriage, one crackled within all others perfect condition. No backstamp1 Creamer with "The to express Train" picture $9.99 marked with a raised V ~ above the bottom1 street Bowl with lid. Riverboat picture. $23.99 significant with a raised V ~ above the bottom2 Lamp, Hurricane; "The Old Grist Mill"; clear globe, no rubber stamp UNKNOWN VALUEA keep in mind on backstamps: my item does not have actually a backstamp, is the a reproduction? no all royal China items have actually backstamps. Together a matter of fact, onmost items the is more common to have actually no backstamp 보다 to have one. Part pieces never ever carried any type of backstamps, some constantly carried backstamps, yet most are recognized to exist with and without backstamps. Not having a backstamp does not median the item is a "reproduction" or in any means not "original". Worth of items without backstamps is therefore not any kind of less. Imperial China developed their dinnerware end a expectancy of 35 years. Frequently the dinnerware was sold to a reseller (Sears, Marshall Burns, Montgomery Ward, etc.) and because it was being resold the items walk not carry backstamps. Then there is the varieties of backstamps. Over the years of production various backstamps were applied. Eldon R. Aupperle in his guide "A Collector's overview for Currier & Ives Dinnerware" list 12 varieties of backstamps top top C&I dinnerware (not consisting of the USA imprint, the "MADE IN U.S.A." backstamp, the "S" overprint, and color variations) and extr varieties have actually been found due to the fact that publication. Climate there space the various letter/number codes uncovered on the pieces.

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For this reason collecting backstamps is rather an attractive collecting sideline for C&I collectors. Read much more