We"re welcome our brand-new website, online ordering, and apps with cost-free delivery on every orders v Sunday, September 26! That"s two full weeks full of BBQ, all yielded for free... Looks you"ve gained some delicious decision to make.

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And once we to speak "new and also improved," us really median it. The brand-new City BBQ app is the best way to bespeak online, the only way to gain seamless curbside pickup, and the fastest means to knife $5 in complimentary BBQ (yours once you download and use the application for the very first time).

Our joints and catering teams are hiring: we’re trying to find friendly folks come serve and also create delight in your communities. City BBQ teammates gain industry-leading pay and also some smokin’ services (and yes, totally free BBQ is just one of them).

Our catering professionals have you extended with our brand-new Box Meals. Slow-smoked sandwiches, fresh salads, standard comfort food sides, and homemade cookie bars: we’ve acquired anything you’d need for everyone on her team.

We"re pass Tennessee to you. We begin with a fresh chicken breast, fried come order and also perfectly spiced. Then we include creamy coleslaw, Nashville hot mayo, and also crunchy pickle chips prior to loading it all up top top a grilled and buttered bun.




Our many award-winning menu item, and for an excellent reason. Our pitmasters have been recognized to acting a brisket for up to 18 hours, and also the an outcome is therefore tender and also juicy, you could think you"ve died and gone come Texas.

We usage our obstacle on a the majority of our meats, but this is whereby that freckles blend really shines. Our pitmasters season totality pork shoulders by hand, acting them because that hours, and also pull them come order. You have the right to see that in the smoke ring: this pulled pork is the genuine deal.

Our hickory-smoked chicken is all-natural, free-roaming, and locally raised. Us smoke that on the bone, brush it with our original sauce, and finish that on the grill because that a crispy, caramelized skin.

A proprietary recipe (i.e. Friend can’t gain these everywhere else), ours Texas-style smoked sausage is a mix of beef and spices, every wrapped up in a natural pork casing for a crispy skin through the perfect snap.

Sometimes an easy is better. Hormone-free turkey breast, salt, pepper, and hickory smoke: might not sound choose much, but that"s the recipe for the juiciest smoked turkey you"ve ever before had.

There"s so much to say about our award-winning ribs: St. Louis–cut, smoked because that hours, grilled for moments, painted through hand with initial sauce. It"s difficult to talk v your mouth full of award-winning ribs, though, so us usually just let castle speak because that themselves.

All the barbeque classics, plus some we think must be classics. Small beans, packed with brisket. Corn pudding, a comfort food favorite. Collards, bursting with fresh greens and smoked bacon. Vinegar slaw, complete of hand-diced veggies in homemade vinaigrette. Uncover your go-tos and try something new, too.

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You can smell the smoke roughly the clock: we’ve acquired three on-site smokers in ~ every City Barbeque joint and also we never ever turn lock off. Ours pitmasters use neighborhood hickory, year of experience, and all 24 hrs of the day to craft the city’s best barbeque.

enough for two! A 4 minutes 1 chicken, half slab the ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket, two sides, two pieces that cornbread, and also Texas toast
sufficient for 2 adults and two kids: a pound of your choice of acting meats, buns, two pint-sized sides, and cornbread
pick two: pulled pork, brisket, pulled chicken, turkey, sausage, 4 minutes 1 chicken, 3 ribs. Offered with Texas toast
sufficient for six! Brisket, traction pork, turkey, a half slab of ribs, a half chicken, two sausages, 6 sides, cornbread, and also Texas toast
12 ounces the Beef Brisket, three web links of Jalapeño Cheddar Sausage, a slab of ribs, a pint every of Corn Pudding and also Green Beans with Bacon, 4 pieces that Texas toast, and Original Sauce (feeds 3–4 folks)