We"re welcoming our new webwebsite, digital ordering, and apps through free shipment on all orders through Sunday, September 26! That"s two full weeks full of BBQ, all yielded for complimentary... looks you"ve gained some delicious decisions to make.

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And when we say "new and also enhanced," we really expect it. The brand-new City BBQ app is the best way to order virtual, the only method to reap seamless curbside pickup, and the fastest method to earn $5 in free BBQ (yours once you downfill and also usage the application for the first time).

Our joints and also catering teams are hiring: we’re searching for friendly folks to serve and produce happiness in their communities. City BBQ teammates gain industry-leading pay and some smokin’ benefits (and also yes, cost-free BBQ is among them).

Our catering specialists have actually you extended with our new Box Meals. Slow-smoked sandwiches, fresh salads, timeless comfort food sides, and homemade cookie bars: we’ve gained anypoint you’d require for everyone on your team.

We"re bringing Tennessee to you. We start with a fresh chicken breastern, fried to order and also perfectly spiced. Then we include creamy coleslegislation, Nashville hot mayo, and also crunchy pickle chips before loading it all up on a grilled and also buttered bun.




Our a lot of award-winning menu item, and for good factor. Our pitmasters have actually been known to smoke a brisket for up to 18 hrs, and the result is so tender and also juicy, you can think you"ve passed away and gone to Texas.

We use our rub on the majority of our meats, however this is wbelow that spice blend really shines. Our pitmasters seaboy totality pork shoulders by hand, smoke them for hours, and also pull them to order. You have the right to see it in the smoke ring: this pulled pork is the actual deal.

Our hickory-smoked chicken is all-organic, free-roaming, and also in your area elevated. We smoke it on the bone, brush it through our Initial sauce, and complete it on the grill for a crispy, caramelized skin.

A proprietary recipe (i.e. you can’t obtain these anywhere else), our Texas-style smoked saconsumption is a blend of beef and seasonings, all wrapped up in a natural pork casing for a crispy skin via the perfect snap.

Sometimes straightforward is much better. Hormone-complimentary turcrucial breastern, salt, pepper, and also hickory smoke: may not sound choose much, however that"s the recipe for the juiciest smoked turvital you"ve ever before had.

There"s so a lot to say around our award-winning ribs: St. Louis–reduced, smoked for hrs, grilled for moments, painted by hand also through Original sauce. It"s difficult to talk with your mouth full of award-winning ribs, though, so we usually just let them soptimal for themselves.

All the barbeque standards, plus some we think need to be classics. Baked beans, packed via brisket. Corn pudding, a comfort food favorite. Collards, bursting with fresh greens and also smoked bacon. Vinegar slaw, full of hand-diced veggies in homemade vinaigrette. Find your go-tos and attempt somepoint new, too.

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You can smell the smoke roughly the clock: we’ve acquired three on-site smokers at eextremely City Barbeque joint and we never revolve them off. Our pitmasters use local hickory, years of experience, and also all 24 hrs of the day to craft the city’s ideal barbeque.

Enough for two! A quarter chicken, half slab of ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket, 2 sides, 2 pieces of cornbcheck out, and Texas toast
Enough for two adults and also 2 kids: a pound of your choice of smoked meats, buns, two pint-sized sides, and also cornbread
Pick two: pulled pork, brisket, pulled chicken, turkey, saintake, quarter chicken, 3 ribs. Served with Texas toast
Enough for six! Brisket, pulled pork, turcrucial, a fifty percent slab of ribs, a fifty percent chicken, two sauseras, 6 sides, cornbcheck out, and Texas toast
12 ounces of Beef Brisket, 3 links of Jalapeño Cheddar Saintake, a slab of ribs, a pint each of Corn Pudding and also Environment-friendly Beans with Bacon, 4 pieces of Texas toast, and also Initial Sauce (feeds 3–4 folks)