Summary: act I, step i

Orlando, the youngest child of the freshly deceased SirRowland de Bois, defines his unfortunate state the affairs come Adam,Sir Rowland’s loyal former servant. Top top his father’s death, Orlandowas bequeathed a only 1,000 crowns,a paltry sum for a young man of his social background. His onlyhope for advance is if his brother, Oliver, honors their father’swish and provides him v a kind education. Oliver, together the eldestson, inherited virtually whatever in his father’s estate, yethe not only neglects this charge but proactively disobeys it. Althoughhe arranges because that his various other brother, Jaques, to to visit school, Oliverrefuses to enable Orlando any education whatsoever, leaving the youngman to lament the his upbringing is tiny different indigenous the treatmentof a piece of livestock. Orlando has long borne this ill treatment,but he admits to Adam the he feels rising within self a greatresentment against his servile condition and also vows the he will nolonger endure it.

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Oliver enters, and the hostility between the brotherssoon boils over right into violence. Orlando claims that the mechanism thatallows the eldest kid to inherit the mass of a father’s heritage doesnot reduce the genealogical blood in the other sons. Oliver, offendedby his brother’s insolence, assails Orlando, when Orlando seizesOliver through the throat. Adam tries come intervene, seeking tranquility inthe surname of their father, but the brothers carry out not heed him. Orlando,undoubtedly the stronger of the two, refuses to unhand his brotheruntil Oliver guarantees to law him choose a gentleman, or rather givehim his due part of their father’s legacy so that he may pursuea gentlemanly -lifestyle ~ above his own. Oliver hastily agrees come giveOrlando part of his little inheritance and, in a rage, dismissesOrlando and also Adam, who he chastises as an “old dog” (I.i.69).

Oliver bids his maid Denis to summon Charles, thecourt wrestler, who has been waiting to speak to him. Oliver asksCharles for the news in ~ court, and Charles reports that fight it out Seniorhas to be usurped by his younger brother, duke Frederick, and also hasfled v a variety of loyal lords come the woodland of Ardenne. Becausethe noblemen have actually forfeited their land and wealth by going intovoluntary exile, fight it out Frederick permits them to wander unmolested.When Oliver asks if Senior’s daughter, Rosalind, has been banished, Charlessays the the girl stays at court. Not just does duke Fredericklove Rosalind as though she is his very own daughter, yet the duke’sdaughter, Celia, has actually a good friendship through her cousin and also cannotbear to be parted native her. Charles asserts that 2 ladies neverloved together Celia and Rosalind do. Charles climate admits his actual reasonfor comes to view Oliver: he has actually heard rumors that Orlando plansto disguise himself in order to enter a wrestling match at the royalcourt. Due to the fact that Charles’s reputation counts upon the brutal defeatof all of his opponents, he issues that the will damage Orlando. Hebegs Oliver to interference on his brother’s behalf, but Oliver repliesthat Orlando is a conniving and deceitful scoundrel. The convincesCharles the Orlando will usage poison or some various other trick in orderto lug down the wrestler. Charles threatens to repay Orlando inkind, and also Oliver, pleased v Charles’s promise, plots a way todeliver his brother to the wrestles ring.

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Shakespeare begins his play with a pair of dueling brothers,an amendment of his resource material—Thomas Lodge’s well-known prose romance, Rosalynde—thatallows him to establish, with great economy, the corrupt natureof so-called polite life. Oliver’s mistreatment of his brotherspurs Orlando to journey into the curative woodland of Ardenne assurely together Frederick’s actions go his own brother fight it out Senior, whichimmediately locates the beat in the pastoral tradition: those woundedby life at court seek the restorative powers of the country. Butfraternal hostilities are also deeply biblical and also resonate withthe story the Cain’s killing of Abel, an act that confirmed mankind’sdelivery indigenous paradise into a people of malignity and also harm. The injusticeof Oliver’s refuse to education or otherwise re-superstructure his luck withOrlando appears all the more outrageous due to the fact that it is perfectly legal.The exercise of primogeniture stipulated the the eldest son inheritsthe whole of his father’s estate so that manors would not fragmentinto smaller sized parcels. Primogeniture was not mandated by legislation in Shakespeare’sEngland, but it to be a firmly entrenched component of classic Englishcustom. Through such a mechanism governing society, inequality, greed,and animosity become unfortunate inevitabilities, and many youngersons in Shakespeare’s time would have actually shared Orlando’s resentment.

In this opened scene, Shakespeare starts to muse onanother theme usual in pastoral literature: the beginnings of gentleness.As scholar Jean E. Howard provides clear in her development to theplay, “gentleness” refers to both nobility and also a building nature(p. 1591). Elizabethanswere supremely interested in whether this quality might be achievedor whether one had to it is in born v it, and Orlando mirrors himselfto be a guy of the times. Though Oliver has actually denied him all formsof education and noble living, Orlando nonetheless has actually a desirefor gentleness. Together he assails Oliver, he insurance claims that his “gentleman-likequalities” have actually been obscured, but feels confident that he coulddevelop them tho (I.i.59). That course, Oliver’s behaviorsuggests that gentleness has tiny to carry out with being born into nobility.Though he has actually the vast majority of his father’s estate at his fingertips,he proves doing not have in the generosity and also grace that would make hima true gentleman. The audience, then, look at optimistically come Orlando,who vow to go find his happiness on his own.

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The episode through the wrestler Charles is essential forseveral reasons. First, it offers further evidence of the prejudicesthat rule court society. Charles visits Oliver because he worriesabout beating Orlando. Although Charles is paid to it is in a brute,he fears that pummeling a nobleman, also one so bereft of fortuneas Orlando, might win him disfavor in the court. Together deference onCharles’s component speaks come the severe pecking order of strength that structurescourt life. Charles additionally provides necessary plot explication. ThroughCharles’s report come Oliver, Shakespeare sketches the backdrop ofhis comedy: the appropriate of Duke an elderly by duke Frederick, Rosalind’sprecarious situation, and the attributes of life in the forest ofArdenne. Although collection in France, the woodland to which duke Seniorand his loyal lords flee is purposely reminiscent of SherwoodForest, the residence of Robin Hood. It is, in Charles’s estimation,a remnant that “the golden world,” a time the ease and abundance fromwhich the contemporary world has actually fallen (I.i.103).Thus, before we ever see Ardenne, which can not be located on anymap, we know it as a ar where Orlando will discover the remedyhe so desperately seeks.