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Shugo Chara Party!!! ^^

Back come Guilds

All shugo chara lovers join me!!!! XD

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answer Shugo Chara Party!!! ^^
make your an extremely own Shugo Chara character!!! Goto Page:123<>><»|>

enter both indigenous below, be separate by a space:


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Hi!!! This is Captain Amu, saying, you have the right to all currently officially make your an extremely own Shugo Chara character! Here"s what you do. Example: (my very own character)
Username: xAmuchara10xName: Mitsuki SakomotoGender: FemaleAge: 13Grade: 7thLoves: Singing, Drawing, Reading, listening come musicHates: Struggling in relationshipsShugo Chara"s Name: ReinaSymbol: StarSummary about self: Hi, I"m Mitsuki Sakomoto, and also I have a shugo chara named Reina. Mine charanari is Star Singer! i am likewise in love v Kukai. My favourite hobby is come sing. Anytime I"m bored, I prefer to draw or listen to music. Analysis is also a favourite of mine. :3Picture:

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Username: InuKikyName: Hana HigurashiGender: female Age: 11Grade: 6th Loves: Music, literature, and also tennis!Hates: Evilness..... ninja Shugo Chara"s Name: HazukiSymbol: RibbonSummary around self: Hello, there! My name is Hana (Japanese because that "flower.") and also I"m in 5th grade v Yaya. I am the very an initial female Jack. (This is after Amu and also everyone else gradutated.) ns LOVE NAGI! ns am very quiet. Not rather shy, yet not really confident, either. I have tendency to be a small blunt and may appear to be cold-hearted, however I"m actually really hyper, happy, and girly....I"m not like Amu. Mine shugo chara"s name is Hazuki. Mine Character change is referred to as "Shining Dragon". Mine Character change phrase is, "Glow, Sparkle, Shine!" I"m very sporty and I love music and literature, largely guitar, piano, violin, reading, and writing. I AM A TENNIS MASTER!!!!!