Tropic that Capricorn is one of the five significant imaginary lines of latitudes. It is likewise known together the southerly Tropic together it is the farthest latitude in southern Hemisphere whereby sunlight falls straight overhead. Around 21-22 December, the sunlight reaches its vertical place over the southerly Tropic i m sorry is the summer solstice for the southern Hemisphere. Tropic that Capricorn encircles the earth at 23 levels 30 minutes south of the equator. This imaginary heat is also seen together a separator between tropical and also temperate zone in the southerly Hemisphere.

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Origin the the surname Tropic the Capricorn

The native “tropic” is a Greek term for the expression “to turn”. The Sun shows up to revolve its course from southward to northward direction as it will the Tropic of Capricorn and vice-versa for the Tropic of Cancer. Thus, the ax tropic signifies the revolve or change in Sun’s movement.

The ax “Capricorn” is a mix of Latin words because that “caper” meaning “goat” and “cornu” definition “horn“. Some historians think that this heat of latitude was called centuries earlier when the Sun offered to appear in the Capricornus constellation during December Solstice. Currently, the sun appears in the Sagittarius constellation during December Solstice as result of the precession that the equinoxes.


Physical Geography

The zone between the Equator and also Tropic that Capricorn is described as the southerly tropical zone. The climate in this region is largely hot and also moist throughout the year. The is exciting to keep in mind that the profession winds turn off the oceans recognize the seasons in the tropical zone. These profession winds room responsible for the monsoon, the seasonal rains in and also around the Indian subcontinent. In comparison to various other zones, the tropical zone is biologically an ext diverse. This ar is home to the dry rain forests, frequently referred to together the “lungs of the planet”.

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Countries top top Tropic that Capricorn

Compared come the Tropic of Cancer, the Tropic that Capricorn passes v a lot smaller land area.

Tropic the Capricorn passes v the complying with 10 countries:

South America



In addition, the Tropic that Capricorn also passes with territorial waters the the following:

Coral Sea Islands region (Australia)

Countries that Lie completely South of the Tropic that Capricorn