Title. Ns can't get my R4 map to occupational at all. I've tried using many different kernels but all of them bring about the same error.

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This is the R4 card that i'm using, this is the SD card that i'm using and this is the error the i get whenever i try to rotate on my console (it's a DS Lite, not sure if that's important though).

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As i formerly said, i have actually tried plenty of many various kernels (pretty much every one of the wood R4 kernels i can find). I've review on forums that some people fix this using some kind of "LOAD ME!" record but ns don't have a whole lot of experience so all of this is pretty confusing.


if this is the original R4 card just 1 and also 2 GB cards work...did u shot any kernel for the original R4?Did u style ur SD card making use of Panasonic SD Formatter?If u have currently done that, then it method u have actually a clone, u should try using Retrogamefan Multicart upgrade in that case

I've checked out several world saying ns should layout my SD card utilizing Panasonic SD Formatter and also i must admit i constantly did it utilizing the continual formatter the comes with windows. Ns tried law it using that details formatter and also it just worked, thank you a lot! I'm trying to play pokemon FireRed, the rom i have is .gba and i can't it seems ~ to open it, is it since the kernel i have can't open up it or is that due to the fact that of the console i'm using?

Thanks again for her help!

At the very bottom that this page: https://www.r43ds.org/pages/R4-3DS-Firmware.html you deserve to download among the two timber R4 firmware files. These must work on your card. I provided to have the initial R4 (that looks choose the one in her photo) and I supplied to use the WoodR4 firmware ~ above it. If that isn't a clone, then it must work just fine.

You will but be restricted by being able to just use a 2GB micro SD card. Which means that even if you have the appropriate firmware top top say, a 4GB microsd, the R4 may not have the ability to read it together it is bigger than the 2GB limit, so that is something to consider. The newer r4 3ds cards don't have that limitation.

3 remedies for you.

Usually it means you must install• firmware properly for her flashcart to work. The firmware room the system documents that the flashcart looks for so it have the right to run. Simply go come the official site and also get the dorn firmware version.

Check her MicroSD are in properly, or you could try formatting it and reinstall the firmware to see if that will work.

3, If the above 2 techniques can't work, shot using a different MicroSD. Usually it have the right to be fixed in these ways.

Or there is a chance your flashcart could be a fake one, although fakes normally only occupational for a quick period. Girlfriend can acquire a actual R4 card from our site Mod3dscard, or if you have more question, just email to me admin

WoodR4 firmware is what girlfriend want. Can download the from the men at https://www.r43ds.org/pages/R4-3DS-Firmware.html and download the woodr4 paper on the end of the page. That's the one the will work on that card and also you won't have that error.

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EDIT: Also, if i recall correctly, it deserve to ONLY usage microsd cards as much as 2GB and they have to be traditional microsd. Which ns think many 2gb cards are anyways but I remember having actually an worry with a pair of 2GB cards waaaay ago when I gained that map originally and having to uncover one that did work-related properly. For this reason if the woodr4 isn't working, it may be the micro sd card perhaps

Come below to comment on flash cartridges because that old consoles. Conversation of other comparable technology (like PSIO) is likewise acceptable.