Born may 26, 1907, Marion Robert Morrison would thrive up to end up being one of Hollywood’s greatest movie stars, man Wayne.

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John Wayne to be born in Iowa yet grew increase in California. He lost a football scholarship to the college of southerly California when he was injured bodysurfing. The football coach had friends in ~ the movie studios and found part time work for his players. Wayne began working for studios together a prop male for $45 a week. A handsome, strapping man, he was shortly employed in movies with little parts for up to $75 a week. His first leading duty was a western, “The large Trail” (1930) because that which he was paid $105 a week. He continued making B movies, mostly westerns with the 30’s. Once John Ford actors him for “Stagecoach” (1939) it was career changing, john Wayne ended up being a Hollywood star.

Wayne ended up being a optimal box office attract for the next 3 decades, earning more than $700 million, and also starring in 17 of the 100 highest growing films in Hollywood at the time of his fatality in 1979.

Biographer Ronald Davis said, “John Wayne personified for millions the nation’s frontier heritage. Eighty-three the his movies were Westerns, and also in lock he played cowboys, cavalrymen, and unconquerable loners.”


His persona ~ above the screen was literally and also figuratively bigger than life. His movie roles had detectives and also military commanders but he is most commonly remembered together a cowboy. Despite Wayne flourished up speak his mare Jenny come school and made lot of his job from atop a horse he was when interviewed and also had this come say about horses.

“I’ve never really chosen horses.”

Perhaps not, but horses to be integral come his success as an gibbs and component of his personal life together well. Wayne own a ranch and also was an avid rider who taught his children to ride. Horses certainly had a significance throughout his lifetime, from Jenny to Dollor. Or is the Dollar?

The family members mare, Jenny, brought young Marion Michael Morrison to college every job in Lancaster, California. By the time Marion Morrison became John Wayne, he was an knowledgeable rider who when said that riding a steed “came as normally to me as breathing.”

“He to be surprisingly skilled, considering his size. For a huge guy, the looks graceful on a horse,” Petrine day Mitchum, writer of the book Hollywood Hoofbeats says. “But he also had the benefit of working with Yakima Canutt, the famed stuntman, who provided him a most coaching.”

In the 1930s Wayne to be paired through a majestic white parade equine with a long, flowing mane and tail. The equine was referred to as Duke, after ~ the actor’s nickname. “It was kind of an within joke,” Mitchum says.

During the 40’s and 50’s The Duke’s favourite mount was a large bay named Banner, offered by the Fat Jones stables. “He was intelligent and had one instinct because that this business,” Wayne once said of Banner.

In such movies as Tall in the Saddle and The Conqueror, Wayne rode a stallion named Steel, among the most famous horses of his era.

Occasionally Wayne would certainly take the reins the Cocaine, the stunt steed used by chuck Roberson, who was Wayne’s double in much more than 30 movies.

In El Dorado The duke rode Zip Cochise, one Appaloosa that was therefore small, Wayne appeared to be riding a pony.

Then there room the equines Dollor and also Dollar which have puzzled movie buffs in ~ infinitum. Dollor, with an “o”, had actually a much more comprehensive blaze top top his face and different stockings on his legs than Dollar, with an “a”. Wayne speak Dollor (o) in the charging step in True Grit. Wayne talk Dollar (a) in the sequel, Rooster Cogburn, as well as in his last film, The Shootist.

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Though john Wayne was much more my grandmother’s generation, the was one of my favorite movie stars cultivation up. I hardly ever missed watching a man Wayne western on TV. His westerns transported me to the glamorous old west, a time filled through horses. He was born 110 years ago and died almost 40 years back but I have the right to still hear his voice in my head. Tonight ns think I’ll watch my favorite john Wayne flick, the Cowboys together tribute to the male who epitomized America’s iconic cowboy, the Duke.