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How lot does a bag of ice cost?

On average, a bag of ice will cost anywhere native as tiny as $1 for a 10-pound bag come as much as $6 because that a 20-pound bag.

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The price of ice cream will count on the quantity in the bag and also the store offering it.

With grocery store stores, gas stations and also even some quick food chains selling bags that ice, refer to our table below to see what it could cost you:

RetailerAverage Price
7-11$2.50 for 10-pound bag
Arby"s$1 for 10-pound bag
Burger King$1 for 5-pound bag
Chick-fil-A$1.50 for 5-pound bag
Costco$1.79 for 20-pound bag
Kroger$2.29 because that 10-pound bag
Kwik Trip$2.29 for 10-pound bag
McDonald’s$1.49 for 8-pound bag
Sam"s Club$2.25 because that 20-pound bag
ShopRite$1.99 because that 7-pound bag
Sonic$2 for 10-pound bag
Steak ‘n Shake$1 for 6-pound bag
Target$1.37 because that 5-pound bag
Walmart$1.50 for 10-pound bag

NOTE: These are the prices us received. Her results might vary, depending upon the geographical location. Also, these prices may adjust depending on the promotional rate.

Tips to know:

The typical bag that ice will come in a 10, 16 or 20-pound bags, and also most ice will be made from purified water. Ice cream will almost always be sold as cubes, yet in part cases, girlfriend may have the ability to find cocktail ice cubes, which refer to the smaller sized cubes supplied in beverages.

Some the the largest brands often discovered at a regional retailer consists of Arctic Ice, the Cape Cod ice Company, Chesapeake bay Ice, Diamond Ice, Penguin Ice and Reddy Ice.

Ice deserve to be to buy at most grocery stores, gas stations, and also as mentioned, even fast food restaurant chains such as Sonic, McDonald’s and also even Arby’s. This will vary from location to place as part won’t market bags of ice cream for sale.

If to buy a bag of ice for consumption, make certain it’s significant with the International Packaged ice cream Association (IPIA) seal. This guarantees the ice has actually met the IPIA’s strict standards.

How have the right to I save money?

Consider do your very own ice at home. If girlfriend think you space going to it is in purchasing much more ice in the future, consider purchasing smaller sized ice trays in ~ a local dollar store. If your refrigerator has actually an ice making option, think about filling increase a cooler the night prior to you leave. The way, as soon as you wake up, the ice machine will be at complete capacity again for an additional refill.

Bags of ice cream will normally be the same price throughout town. It is ideal that you purchase ice together close together you deserve to to home, especially if you space bringing it ago for one event.

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