No, mine friend, it’s a battlefield! You’ll have to get whatever ready. Your laser sign guns, her cool vests, gadgets, apparel, and – over all – your creative thinking brains!


Laser tag might be one of these fun games you have the right to play at family members or friend gatherings, yet don’t take it it lightly. You never know what your enemies have in keep for you.

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Choosing her allies carefully is an essential task, however choosing her team surname is also equally important. You deserve to pick some funny or cheesy names through your team members to have actually a an excellent time and create memories.

So, how have the right to you pick a funny or cool surname for girlfriend or your team?



Funny Laser tag NamesCool Laser sign Team NamesBest Laser total Names

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A family members playing laser sign

Funny Laser sign Names

Funny names are always the best names! anyone ends up having actually a an excellent time at the finish of the game.

A great way to pick funny name is to take into consideration the connection of the players through each other and also choose miscellaneous that can be a nice combination.

Here’s how.

1. Father and Son

If you’re a father and also you’re playing laser tag with your little boy, you can contact yourselves things like “Spike” and “Tyke” or “Tom” and also “Jerry”.

These cartoon personalities will do your child laugh follow me while playing because he’ll be acquainted with your funny nature.

2. Brothers and also Sisters, or Friends

If your children are playing with each other or through friends, climate names like “Sherlock Holmes” and “Watson” could interest them. Or possibly if they’re harry Potter fans, they can speak to themselves “Harry”, “Hermione”, and “Ron”.

Another cute idea for friends is the classic best friends duo “Timon” and “Pumbaa”!

3. Family: Mom, Dad, and Kids

If you’re playing as a family, friend can split into 2 teams and also call yourselves funny names prefer “Team Jelly” and also “Team Belly” or any names that’d give you a an excellent laugh every time you call each other during the game.

If 2 or much more families space playing together, you can choose family names prefer “The Simpsons”, “The Flintstones”, or harry Potter family names, such as the famed “Weasleys”.

Such names will certainly be so lot fun use!

Cool Laser tag Team Names

If you a little bit older and you’re playing laser tag through friends or co-workers ~ above a weekend, girlfriend can choose cool names according to certain themes (common interests, points from work, etc).

The whole point of selecting names is to have actually fun through them. If the won’t mean anything come you and your friend it i will not ~ be fun. So, you have to put some thought into it and also come up through something interesting.

Here’s exactly how you deserve to do that.

1. TV Shows, Books, or Movie Characters

If you and also your friend all have actually a typical favorite TV show, book or movie, you can pick the surname of personalities from that particular theme.

For example, if you’re every hardcore game of Thrones fans, you can each select a favorite character or -even better- separation into teams and call yourselves video game of Thrones’ family names, like “The Targaryens”, “The Lannisters”, “The Starks”, and also so on.

2. Typical Interests/ job-related Themes

If you and also your girlfriend share common interests or job-related at the same place, you will do it probably have a lot of inside joke that every one of you would relate to.

For example, classic music lovers might select names like “The Sharps” vs. “The Flats”, or “The Tonic Triad” (for a team of 3), or “The decreased 7th” (for a team the 7), or “The Appoggiaturas”, and so on.

Medical students could like names such together “The Red Blood Cells” vs. “The White Blood Cells” or “The Grey Matters”, or “The Sternocleidomastoids”.

3. Cool name in Laser tags Arenas

There space laser tag arenas wherein you can select or invent names because that yourselves and when friend tag who or obtain tagged, the announces that tagged that on a display screen on the laser tags gun itself.

This might seem favor a tiny or unimportant detail yet when it come to selecting names, you deserve to actually use this to her advantage.

If you’re wondering how’s that possible, allow me introduce you to this evil trick!

They’ll ask you to choose a surname for you yourself or your team and then everything name you pick will show up on who else’s display when girlfriend tag/ hit them.

So, this is the trick.

Say you playing versus a man or a group of guys and also you simply select the name “A girl” together your surname or her team’s name. You don’t have to be an actual girl or a group of girls. Together a issue of fact, if the players are boys, it’ll it is in even more unexpected and also fun.

Now every time you will do it hit them, it’ll show up “A girl fight you”. And trust me when I say that this line will just make any guy furious! No offense girls.

This is just an idea. You and also your friends can play around it and make a bunch of various other funny, naughty, and creative names come tease your various other friends and create a memorable laser tag game no one will forget for rather a lengthy time!

So, if you and friends space going to a laser tag arena, make certain you ask if they have this function beforehand for this reason you deserve to come prepared and also have your sneaky names prepared to have good laughs.

More Names

Here are more names that can sound cool.

EinsteinBeethovenCaptain Spock (he did have actually a laser gun/ phaser, after all, no he?)Charlie’s Angels (team name)James Bond

Best Laser total Names

What makes an enig agents and superheroes in movies such together Star Trek and Men in black color so cool?

The answer is gadgets! The cooler her guns, vests, or whatever tools you have actually are, the cooler ‘you’ get.

What’s also cooler is your gadget’s name! You need to have actually a supervisor cool, super big name for her laser tags gun come impress and also ‘scare her enemies’, right?

So below are 4 Laser sign gun names ns think deserve to be fun and cool to use.

1.The Terminator

This might be one obvious an option but just imagining Arnold Schwarzenegger with a gun will make her friends wonder if your laser sign gun has actually special powers. Plus, girlfriend can’t go wrong v Arnie!

2. The Intergalactic Zapper

Yup, friend heard the right! Our war aren’t limited to earth Earth. We’re too busy fighting other creatures in the galaxy.

3. The Mega Striker

If you have a mega-sized, mega-cool, and also mega-strong laser tag gun and also you’re not afraid to show it come the world, girlfriend might also call the a mega name!

4. Laser X 1000

Any alphabet or numbers mix will sound cool together a toy total name due to the fact that it says that the an progressed model that some important brand the gadgets.

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Final Words

No matter just how old you are, once you obtain a laser sign gun in her hand, you will do it feel favor a child who just acquired a brand-new toy, excited and also happy!

This is a great game for any event; Christmas gathering, date of birth party… you surname it. And also everyone from the earliest to the youngest will certainly be play his heart out for hours and also hours.

All you need for a an excellent laser tag video game is a cool gun, an even cooler name (for friend or your team), and also a bunch of faithful -but crazy- friends. And you’re good to go!