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Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends because that Nintendo DS is the sequel to the best-selling cooking simulation game; food preparation Mama; and also promises even more culinary fun and also even tastier gameplay as Mama cooks up a spicy storm with brand-new recipes; double as numerous mini-games and also an all-new multiplayer setting to an obstacle other football player to a ‘cook off’ Mama style.

80 original worldwide recipes part old favourites and also the chance to develop all-new customised dishes150 fast and also fun mini gamings to an obstacle player food preparation expertiseOffer your finished cooking creation to a friend to taste. In food preparation Mama 2 players deserve to offer their dish to one of the many characters who will judge it for flavour and also presentation when Mama inspects the fruit of her labour and makes her very own comments on your cooking skillsCreate the look at of your really own food preparation Mama 2 experience. All brand-new customisation permits players to change how the screen looks using graphics and stickers obtained throughout the gameNote down your cooking successes with the video game in your an individual diary. Cooking Mama 2 features a an individual diary that have the right to be used to save photos of recipes you’ve completed and also stickers accumulated throughout the game structure into a totally unique log of your cooking activitiesAn all-new multiplayer mode permits you to cook with your own friends! making use of one copy that the video game up to 4 players can cook together in vain mini games through the Download DS featureYour cooking capability will be reflected in the final presentation that the dish. If you make too plenty of mistakes in the preparation then the last meal will look various from a perfect dish! You have the right to record your own cooking progress utilizing the diary and measure your results as your culinary skills improve

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