I moved right into this brand-new apartment complex, yet the structure only take away gas dryers. So, we would need to replace our electrical dryer for a gas one. Over there is one electric outlet and a gas hookup.

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Is it possible for mine to transform that outlet come give enough power for an electric dryer? If so, how?


If you don't have a 3 or 4 prong 220 volt outlet there, you will certainly not be able to run the electrical dryer. A new circuit would need to be run from the electric panel. So regrettably you're SOL v being maybe to usage your existing dryer, if management is refusing to update the electricity, due to the fact that you don't have any rights to carry out it yourself.

In all reality you cant. Most electric dryers run on a 30 amp circuit. Most gas operation on 15. The wiring is going to it is in at best 12aug wich is rated because that 20 amp max. If you press 30 with it. The will warmth up and also potentially burn her appt down. So you need to run a thicker cable from her circuit breaker box. Also generally electric dryers room 220v and also gas space 110v so friend will should run an additional line indigenous the breaker box therefore as well. Rental someone to do this can honestly price as much as a gas dryer. I would certainly recommend to buy a gas dryer and selling the electric one on craigs list.

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As you room in one apartment, you need to contact the administration to have actually them adjust it for you. It's not complicated at every for one electrician come change, and should take around 30-60 minutes at most.

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