Soul Music / 1995 / Popera / 4.09 min / Photographer – Janet Zenari / picture – Sunset end Mykonos, greece /
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Con te Partiro was very first sang by Andrea Bocelli in ~ the 1995 Sanremo Festival and recorded the year. He has actually made a second version in English Time to Say Goodbye with Sarah Brightman and third in Spanish referred to as Por ti Volare. This tune is Bocelli’s signature. Con te Partiro has actually been interpreted into an English together Time to Say Goodbye, but it’s literal translation is “with friend I will leave”. Andrea Bocelli is an Italian tenor and singer, songwriter. He had actually sight problems from birth but at the period of twelve following a soccer accident he shed his eyesight completely.

What we like

We love Bocelli’s solo variation in Italian. Bocelli’s expression permits you to somehow recognize the meaning through the force of feeling without the requirement of expertise the words

Soul experience

This tune apparently has actually been play at plenty of funerals and also it has been no exemption to us. The distinction with us is we played this song to our grandmother plenty of years prior when she was alive and saw the warm of she reaction. As soon as she passed at the wonderful period of 104 years we played this track at her funeral with a slideshow which offered tribute to she beautiful life. ~ above hearing this song the two memories melt away to where only love exists. Far from gift a song of sorrow that is a track rejoicing the of what we hold true

To reflect on

When friend are much awayI dream ~ above the horizonAnd indigenous failand, yes, i knowthat you room with meyou, my moon, are here with memy sun, you are here with mewith me, v me, v me

Map the soul musician’s birthplace Map the photo location

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