What room Compound Words?

Compound native are formed when two or much more words are joined with each other to develop a brand-new word that has actually an entirely new meaning.

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For example, “sun” and also “flower” room two various words, yet when unify together, they form another word, Sunflower. This words are created by either adding a hyphen or just using the 2 words together a single term. The order of the 2 words is not necessarily adjusted when they are joined together, yet the definition becomes unique.


Consider the words “make up” and “makeup”. This is a an ext advanced example of a compound word since the resulting combination is a homonym and can be provided in more than one way.

Make up her mind fast.

My makeup was ruined by the rain!

I have actually a makeup test tomorrow.

In the an initial sentence, make up is a verb. In the second sentence, makeup is used as a noun. In the third sentence, we view makeup as one adjective explicate “exam.”

Types of link Words

There space three species of compound words;

Closed compound words: this words are written together a single word, such as haircut, newspaper, grandmother, etc.Open Compounds: link words that space written as separate words such together high school, living room, college bus, etc. Hyphenated Compounds: words that usage a hyphen in in between two words, such together well-known, second-rate, merry-go-round, etc.

Fun means to teach compound Words

Every child has a different means of learning. What works for one might not work for another so we have developed these fun means to teach your kid compound words. Select the best task that tailors to your kid’s discovering style.

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Visual learning style – Prepare flashcards, half with indigenous and half with pictures. Have your son lay them out in network style and flip two cards over at a time. The goal is to discover a word and also a photo to create a link word. Student will have to use your memory to succeed in ~ this game. Kinesthetic discovering style- give students a link word and have them attract the two “parts” that the compound word. For example, for “doghouse” a son would draw a dog and also a house. Aid the youngsters make compound word daisies. Have actually them write a native in the center of the paper flower and also ask them to compose compound words the utilize words on the petals.

Once your students understand the basics the compounds, friend can aid them move onto more daunting words.

Practice through these 150 instances of compound words:

AirplaneAirportAngelfishAntfarmBallparkBeachballBikerackBillboardBlackholeBlueberryBoardwalkBodyguardBookstoreBow TieBrainstormBusboyCabdriverCandlestickCar washCartwheelCatfishCavemanChocolate chipCrossbowDaydreamDeadendDoghouseDragonflyDress shoesDropdownEarlobeEarthquakeEyeballsFather-in-lawFingernailFirecrackerFirefighterFireflyFireworkFishbowlFishermanFishhookFootballForgetForgiveFrench friesGoodnightGrandchildGroundhogHairbandHamburgerHandcuffHandoutHandshakeHeadbandHerselfHigh heelsHoneydewHopscotchHorsemanHorseplayHotdogIce creamItselfKickballKickboxingLaptopLifetimeLighthouseMailmanMidnightMilkshakeMoonrocksMoonwalkMother-in-lawMovie theaterNewbornNewsletterNewspaperNightlightNobodyNorthpoleNosebleedOuter spaceOver-the-counterOverestimatePaycheckPolicemanPonytailPost cardRacquetballRailroadRainbowRaincoatRaindropRattlesnakeRockbandRocketshipRowboatSailboatSchoolbooksSchoolworkShoelaceShowoffSkateboardSnowballSnowflakeSoftballSolar systemSoundproofSpaceshipSpearmintStarfishStarlightStingrayStrawberrySubwaySunglassesSunroofSuperchargeSupermanSuperstarTablespoonTailboneTailgateTake downTakeoutTaxpayerTeacupTeammateTeaspoonTennis shoesThrowbackTimekeeperTimelineTimeshareTugboatTupperwareUnderestimateUpliftUpperclassmanUptownVideo gameWallflowerWaterboyWatermelonWheelchairWithoutWorkbootsWorksheet