Two-syllable adjectives. Two-Syllable Adjective finishing with -y Comparative form Superlative form
happy happier happiest
angry angrier angriest
busy busier busiest

Secondly, what is the comparative type of many? Irregular adjective word Comparative superlative
good better best
bad worse worst
much more most
little less least

Furthermore, what is the comparative and also superlative of angry?

angry (comparative angrier,superlative angriest) Displaying or feelinganger.

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What is the comparative and superlative degree of many?

Yes, an ext and many are taken into consideration to it is in thecomparative and superlative degrees, respectively, that bothmuch and many.

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Is Beautiful a superlative?

The superlative kind of the adjective"beautiful" is "most beautiful," not "beautifullest."Unlike the majority of superlative adjectives,beautiful
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What room the 3 degree of comparison?

Most adjectives have three various forms toshow degrees the comparison—the positive, thecomparative, and the superlative.
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What is the compare of friendly?

COMPARATIVE SUPERLATIVE one of two people friendly morefriendly the most friendly or trusted friendlier the friendliestPage 2 instances of these words are: easy, dirty, funny, happy,noisy, narrow, shallow, simple, gentle, clever, common,quiet.
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What is comparative form?

Adjectives with two syllables have the right to form thecomparative one of two people by including -er or by preceeding theadjective through more. These adjectives form thesuperlative either by including -est or by preceeding theadjective with most. In countless cases, both forms room used,although one usage will be an ext common 보다 the other.
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What is the comparative degree of dear?

Adjectives have three degrees the compare onething to another. The 3 degrees of adjectives arepositive, comparative and also superlative. Thecomparative and the superlative degrees are used tocompare in between two or an ext subjects or objects. Mount Everest isthe highest possible mountain in the world.
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What are the 3 compare of adjectives?

There room three forms of adjectives andadverbs offered to display varying degrees of comparison: thepositive, the comparative, and the superlative.
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What is an example of a comparative?

Comparative adjectives are provided to compare onenoun to one more noun. In this instances, just two items room beingcompared. For example, someone could say that "the blue birdis angrier than the robin." Superlative adjective are supplied tocompare three or much more nouns.
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What is the compare of hot?

Comparative Degree: an adjective is said to it is in in thecomparitive degree when it is provided to compare two nouns/pronouns.Superlative Degree: an adjective is in superlative degree when itis provided to compare an ext than 2 nouns/pronouns. ADJECTIVES.
optimistic COMPARATIVE superlative
hot hotter hottest
thin thinner thinnest

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What is comparative of beautiful?

Adjective. Beautiful
(comparative morebeautiful, superlative most beautiful)Attractive and also possessing beauty. Anyone that has ever mether believed she was absolutely beautiful.
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What is the to compare of sad?

What room Comparative and Superlative Adjectives?
hopeful comparative more comparison
sad sadder saddest
happy happier happiest
unusual more unusual most unusual

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What is the comparative and also superlative that Nice?

The superlative degree expresses the highestform of one adjective (Like- Best; Superlative degreeof "Good"). Your ANSWER: Comparative degree of "Nice"is "Nicer". And also superlative degree of "Nice" is"Nicest".

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What is the compare of famous?

Examples of superlative Adjectives
constant Comparative more comparison
famous more famous most famous
immense more immense most immense
long longer longest
perfect more perfect most perfect

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What is the comparative level of useful?

Use the comparative form (e.g. Taller, sharper,stronger, better) to display the difference between two human being orobjects. Use the superlative form (e.g. Tallest, sharpest,strongest, best) to compare 3 or more people or objects. Susieis the prettiest girl in my neighborhood.
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