Transcribed Text:Question: attract the Lewis structure for COCl2, consisting of lone pairs. What i…W (19 bookmarks)Draw the Lewis framework for COCI2, consisting of lone pairs. What is the molecular form of COCI2? nonpolar?The C-Cl shortcut in COC12 is polar orWhat is the CI-C-Cl shortcut angle?The molecule CoCl2 is polar or nonpolar?VideosExpert AnswerAnonymous answer this 789 answersWas this prize helpful?3102TodrawLewis structureof GoodCoustept:Calculate thetotal variety of valernoseduntA=4+6 +267) =10 + 14 = 24calculak the variety of elections N= 8+8+ 842 = 32forcompletesett,step 3:calculate the variety of elections shaled, sS = N-A = 32 24 = 8stepy:calculateunsharedelections , U =A-S=24-8=16sharedelecteG : :ciaXosharedz16iar ceiThe COCl2 molecule has 3 areas of electron repulsion roughly the central C atom, therefore the form is trigonal planar.Both C-Cl bonds are polar, because of the difference in electronegativity the C and also CI.The Lewis structure of the CoCl2 molecule reflects that over there is a double bond in between the O and also the central C atom. A dual bond to represent a slightly larger electron domain i beg your pardon disrupts the ideal 120° CI-C-Cl shortcut angle, making it smaller. Since three electron domains surround the main atom, we can expect a trigonal-planar geometry through 120° bond angles. The double bond, however, appears to act lot like a nonbonding pair that electrons, to reduce the CI-C-Cl bond edge to 111.4°:The C=O shortcut is also polar, because of the distinction in electronegativity of Cand O. Also though the shape is trigonal planar, the molecule is asymmetrical, together the electronegativity distinction of the 3 bonds is not the same. Thus the results of these polar bonds are not cancelled and also the molecule is polar overall.

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