Its strategic location and also excellent frameworks make san Sebastián a ar easy to reach from all over in the world, no issue what your technique of transport. Select the one the suits girlfriend best and also get travelling!

By plane

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San Sebastián has actually 3 airports (2 international) within simply over 100 km of the city.

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Only 20 kilometers native the city centre, mountain Sebastián Airport has connections come the significant Spanish cities; Madrid and also Barcelona.

Bilbao Airport, with relations to all Europe, is 105km native the city, and also Biarritz Airport, served by French and international low-cost companies, 47km.



Airport Bus

San Sebastián plane (EAS) - 20 KMS

SAN SEBASTIAN airplane shuttle business to san SEBASTIÁN

Bilbao airport (BIO)- 105 KMs

BILBAO Airpot shuttle organization to mountain SEBASTIÁN

Biarritz airport (BIQ) - 47KMS

BIARRITZ plane shuttle organization to san SEBASTIÁN

Vitoria-Gasteiz airplane (VIT) - 101KMs

There is no spaceship service.Alsa and also Pesa bus suppliers offer this company from the Vitoria-Gasteiz Bus Station.

By car

Getting to mountain Sebastián by vehicle is extremely easy. The city is connected to the rest of Spain and France through the N-1 (the nationwide highway connecting Madrid come Irun), the AP-8 (Bilbao-Irun) and A-63 (Paris-Irun) motorways and also the A-15 highway (Pamplona-San Sebastián).


Another comfortable method to acquire in san Sebastian is parking your vehicle in Ficoba Exhibition facility in Irun (at the French border, 20 Kms from mountain Sebastian) and also take the Euskotren train to san Sebastian (40 minutes ride)

Once in san Sebastián, you have the right to leave your auto in one of the much more than 6,000 parking places discovered in various parts of the city.

Underground pay parkings all roughly the town

Park and also Ride cost-free car parks v bus link to the city centre.

You deserve to park on the street but only on TAO / OTA blue locations where parking is minimal by time.



By train

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The firm RENFE rail service offers both long-distance train and suburban

The train terminal in the center of san Sebastián, the "Estación del Norte", provides connections to plenty of Spanish cities consisting of Madrid and also Barcelona, and to global destinations such as Paris and also Lisbon.

Train journeys to and from san Sebastián will acquire enormously in speed with the brand-new Tren de Alta Velocidad (high speed train), early to connect the city with various other destinations in the close to future.


Information top top the access to the Train terminal (Renfe company)

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There is likewise an underground railway, the subway Donostialdea, a narrow-gauge train connection with Bilbao and cities along the Basque Coast, such together Zarautz. The service linking it additionally Hendaye (France) and also the SNCF, french rail service, through Lasarte passing with Donostia. The train ispopularly known as the "Topo" or "Mole".


Information top top the accessibility to Amara terminal (Euskotren company)

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The French company SNCF connects with world resources such together Paris native Hendaye train station.

By bus


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The mountain Sebastian new bus station has lines to urban throughout Spain and part of Europe.

The bus terminal “Estación DONOSTIA Geltokia”, is situated in Paseo Federico García Lorca 1, close to the RENFE train station – Estación del Norte. Contact

The secret station has 21 bays, a café, newsstand and also a left luggage office with 66 lockers where you can leave her belongings.Navilens and also Navilens Go app system signals articles are available all around the station. It also has 2 floors the parking an are for approximately 384 vehicles.

Eight of the city’s Dbus present will prevent in the area roughly the station, ~ above the soil level: the currently 17, 24, 37 and also 45 in prior of Renfe train station; 9, 41, 42 at Duque de Mandas street and 27 in ~ Gernikako Arbolaren pasealekua beside María Cristina bridge.

On the DBUS buses you can pay cash (maximum 20€ bills), with SSCARD and BASQUECARD traveler cards, v MUGI, BAT and also BARIK deliver cards or v contactless credit cards.

Private cars that should leave or take it friends and relatives at the bus station have the right to use the "Estación" secret parking 15 minutes for free.



Information top top the ease of access to the Bus station (Donostia Geltokia)

More information

In enhancement to national and international routes such together those indigenous Madrid, Barcelona, Santander, Asturias, Logroño, Pamplona, Bayonne - Biarritz or Paris the adhering to provincial routes also have their departure / come at the brand-new bus station: DO01, DO02, DO03, DO50B, DB02, DB03, DB07 and UK01.

Map of Lurraldebus - present departures from Donostia / san Sebastián



At street level, in Federico García Lorca street nr.2, the adhering to bus lines have actually bus stops:



NON - reserved SERVICES

HOW to DROP OFF and PICK UP passengers OF personal BUSES IN DONOSTIA / san SEBASTIÁN

Donostia Bus Station

Private buses comes to Donostia / mountain Sebastian must get in the new underground Bus station (Pº Federico García Lorca, 1) in order to drop off and pick up passengers. That is forbidden to execute it in any other ar of the city.

The operation rules space as follows:

Each “service”, that is, every entrance to drop turn off or to choose up, prices 12,50 € tax consisted of per coach.This allows 15 – 20 minutes at the platformThe entrance to the station is through the lane marked BUS, and also at the entrance, a platform number would be assigned and also a ticket given, to subsequently make the payment in the payment machines located at -1 floor.After the 20 minutes, coaches must leave the Station.

It is very recommended to publication the platform in breakthrough at the station.

The booking deserve to be do through:

Directly in ~ the station

Pío Baroja (Behind Miramar Palace)

There is a boarding and also a lighting allude at the west side of the city (Pio Baroja, behind Miramar royal residence -43.314513 - 2.000097) whereby the bus can stay because that 10 minutes because that free. This point is an extremely close from infamous monuments like Miramar Palace, Chillida’s “Comb the the Wind” sculpture or the Funicular to climb to Monte Igueldo Amusment park.

Coach Parking

The coach have the right to be openly parked top top a an ideal place behind Garbera advertisement Centre, at the east side that the town. (43°18"33"N 1°56"42"W)This commercial center is associated by buses 33, 24 & 27 the the DBus bus company

By campervan

San Sebastián has a organization area because that overnight stays in campervans:

Address:Coordinates:Places:Lighting and water point:Services:Maximum allowed stay:Price:
Paseo Berio, 12 - Donostia / san Sebastián.
<43º 18" 28"" N 2º 00" 51,6"" W / X= 580042 m Y= 4795677
Approx. 44 parking places. Separating lines between places.
Free, including water (2 taps) and also electricity. Ecological waste disposal area.
72 hours.
The campervan park functions on the same basis together the OTA parking meter device in the rest of the city. The charge is EUR 7.60 in the high season and also EUR 3.30 the rest of the year.

Other components of Gipuzkoa also have campervan parking areas: Legazpi, Renteria and also Zumaia.

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