Welcome to the Lancaster Airport!

Wheels and also Wings Fly-In

Wheels and also Wings is keep going again this year! note your calendars for July 24 to come and also check out cars and airplanes! Flyer is post here.

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EAA Fly-In

The EAA chapter 540 announced their annual Fly-In, September 4th. For more information, please check out their flyer. 


New organization for Lancaster Airport

southerly Airways Express, airline transport at Lancaster Airport, offers organization daily business to Pittsburgh and Baltimore-Washing international Airport (BWI). In June, organization to BWI will readjust to Washington-Dulles airport (IAD). In addition, southerly Airways will certainly be supplying weekly business to Nantucket Airport starting June 5. Click right here for the press release. Check out the southerly Airways website for flight times and also availability.

Vaccinated and Traveling?

Checkout updated information from the Centers of conditions Control and also Prevention (CDC) around traveling by air after receiving COVID-19 vaccines. Walk to FlyHealth.gov because that the one-stop portal for the latest pandemic-related air-travel information.

Project Updates

check out the building Projects page for to update on newly released jobs – Runway 8-26 Rehab, phase II Construction and also a request for Proposal for Land Development. See important information about upcoming runway closures.

Community job 2021 Update

as result of uncertain conditions and also restrictions, the Lancaster Airport has actually postponed the neighborhood Days 2021 and instead will organize it august 2022. Us look forward to having actually the community out come the Airport come see and also touch aviation.

New manager Takes Charge

Welcome to the brand-new Airport Director, Ed Foster! watch the push Release here: Lancaster airport (KLNS) Welcomes new Airport Director.

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examine out the businesses on the field and also support your neighborhood aviation. Us look front to seeing you in ~ the Airport!



Despite the COVID-19 situation, advertising flights to/from Lancaster Airport to Pittsburgh and also Baltimore/Washington are proceeding to run on your full continuous daily schedule. Special cleaning, society distancing and also other precautions room in ar at the airport and in-flight to defend the health and well-being the travelers.Southern and also all advertising flights are thought about “essential” and not subject to local and state “shelter in place” restrictions.